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  • March 13, 2011
    from Canada

    I love the mountain and all the snow. I have spent 20 years skiing Whistler. Many, many days during and sometimes after heavy snow the alpine has remained closed due to excessive snow or fluctuating temps, safety first always. I prefer it when the Boom is not open until 1100 giving ample time to ski out the rest of the mountain first. This being said, there are things about management and retards on the road that are very, very frustrating:1. there are 4 chain-up areas for a reason, use them.,stuck on the hill backing up traffic is not the place to put hem on, extremely inconsiderate, really really stupid. 2. update snow report at 09 00 and get it right; many, many days report says 5 cm only to have a foot or visa versa, how hard is it to measure snow. 3. have no real complaints about ski patrol as it is their job to keep all of us safe and it is their necks on the line, they maybe a little over the top but that is their job. What I do have a problem with is the lack of information or should I say misinformation. I have found some to be very helpful and informative, others have a very poor attitude and are not informative. How hard is it to call up slope safe friends at the top of Boom and give some sort of estimate or useful info to those waiting. 4. like I said, I have no problem waiting for Boom to open, in fact, I like it, but when avalanche clearing has been done and we are still waiting1-1/2 hours because maintenance has not cleared the road or bottom of chair that is unacceptable. We all know when the snow is coming there is a 6 day mountain forecast. Think maybe mountain could be more prepared. Should be pros at dealing with large amounts of snow by now. Management, if you want to be big mountain, as you seem to think you are, act big mountain. Like I said, love the mountain, love all the snow, not usually a complainer but it can be very frustrating at times, especially the total tools who drive the road. Play safe.

  • March 07, 2011
    from Canada

    I was up there in the blizzard on Friday (March 4th). I was well prepared for the winds... which was probably the worst part of the day (didn't see the main chair open due to winds), and they stopped an hour early when it was really picking up. But overall, wow... it was amazing powder everywhere. Really haven't had so much fun in a long time. I do prefer a nice clear day after a good snow fall... but just make the most of what you got, and you'll easily have a good time. Making great use of my sixpak of tickets this year... thanks Mount Washington.

  • March 06, 2011
    from Canada

    Say what you will, just having the Boom chair is a fantastic plus. The delayed opening or no opening on deep days is ok too. Ski out the front just in time for the Noonerang to start the fun anew. For a little mountain there is some big snow. Very powderful this season indeed.

    See ya at the bottom.

  • March 03, 2011
    from Canada

    *Thank-You Mt.Washington and everyone involved to make it all happen!! *Absolutely Fabulous!! ~To all the rest of you who write in and complain,whining and snivelling about how your not happy with organization, planning, preparedness, timely reports, weather, etc., etc.,....give yourself a slap in the face or ask someone to do it for you!! Learn to appreciate this awesome privilege we have and be thankful there are so many lower paid alpine loving staff and volunteer support that make- it- at- all -possible! On behalf of myself and thousands of others, Thank-You Mt. Washington, for the many years of immensely enriching our lives!*

  • March 02, 2011
    from Canada

    Deep pow?
    I think maybe the website is getting ignored because there is so much snow to shovel, every hand has to be on deck.
    I get my snow report under my skis and I'm loving it

  • February 27, 2011
    from Canada

    This is a great ski area. Like most, it has extreme weather which translates into wonderful snow! It also has the Boomerang chair, with extreme terrain, which translates into more beauty and wonderful skiing. These combined always cause controversy whether it be from the inconvenience of closures or danger level. You can always sit on the couch, but trust me, it is funner on the mountain. After all, you still have the rest of the mountain on the sketchy days. See you there!

  • February 23, 2011
    from Canada

    I am fully in agreement that safety must come first. In the event of high winds etc that puts skiers/boarders in danger, I support safety.

    One of my main issues surrounds what appears to be poor planning/organization to deal with situations (i.e. snowfall) that are known in advance. The excuses I mentioned as to why lifts can't be opened on time have been given to me by liftees on site. I haven't made them up.

    To "stop the insanity": I don't keep track of daily snow conditions compared to every single snow report. Apparently you do. The situation I referred to (reported snow but somehow missed the rain and ice) happened last season and was clearly incorrect (I do know it was a Friday). I drove home after 2 runs of sheer ice.

    As far as the alpine snow reports page goes, it constantly gives a time of update. And this happens many times throughout the day. It is currently 10:09pm and the top of the page states the last update was 6:34pm. This is very misleading. If this time stamp only applies to marketing fluff then it should be clear. If the actual snowfall is only updated at 5:30 am then it should state this so the page doesn't appear so missleading. A comment stating "snowfall updates given once daily at 5:30am" would be sufficient. I have emailed the resort specifically about this and it has apparently 1) fallen on deaf ears or 2) it was felt unnecessary to change.

    As to the request to contact the mountain to discuss issues: I don't lurk on these sites and only complain. I have since last summer emailed the mountain on 5 separate ocassions with questions, suggestions or comments on issues that concern me about our local mountain. They were all respectable (no profanity/name calling etc). 3 of the 5 emails didn't even garner a reply. I followed up on 1 non-reply with a phone call and was told that I wouldn't get a reply, that my comments would simply be "filed for possible review at a later date". That means shelved and ignored. If this is also happening to others out there perhaps you can understand our frustrations.

    We have a jewel here but I think it could be polished to sparkle even brighter (OK, perhaps a bit sappy but you get my point).

  • February 22, 2011
    from Canada

    Just to put a bit of perspective on this, I was at WB for 4 days before Xmas and 6 days after New Year - Harmony and Symphony chairs were only open for the 2 days, they had no snow overnight. Oh, and the Whistler gondola was broken as well for 3 or 4 days. Big White is fogged up half the time as well...

    Bottom line is no place is perfect, so just deal with it.

  • February 22, 2011
    from Canada

    Has anyone noticed all the closed signs around the hill these days. Why, after so many years, has the hill gone from getting thinks open and running. To just putting up a closed sign. It's not La Nina, or even the weather, it's the lack of crew and planning. It's not just about the Boom, it's about the front side runs not even getting open on time.
    Something needs to be done and I think change in Patrol would be the first place to look.
    As a customer, if I have to see one more closed sign up and people not working to open it, them what is the point.

    [Editor's note: text edited to maintain relevance.]

  • February 19, 2011
    from Canada

    Anybody writing critical assessments about the resort on this website should consider approaching any of the mountain managers to discuss the situation face to face. We are open to feedback and at the end of the day; we're a business that wants to ensure customer satisfaction. In light of recent comments, please be aware that customer satisfaction needs to be balanced with the safety for our guests and our staff.

    We will try to address some of the concerns that have been written over the past few days. If you have any additional questions feel free to come talk to our Patrol Director or us “management types” so we can provide you with an answer in person. You may not always like what you hear but we are always prepared to talk. And for future reference with regard to responding to comments through this website, we won't be writing any more responses.

    Very few resorts get the quantity of snow that we receive in such a short time period. On top of the intense snowfall, we often receive heavy winds during these cycles, which forces lift delays or closure, which did occur last week with the Eagle Chair.

    Please be assured that we have a highly trained, very experienced and certified avalanche crew. The main focus for this crew is guest and employee safety. If one person poaches terrain during our avy control (and it has happened many times in the past), it causes huge delays in the opening. This is the main reason we do not open the front side of the Boom during avy control and also why we control access off the top of the Eagle when blasting is happening.

    Despite what many think, other resorts also have closures after storm cycles. We were in touch with Whistler/Blackcomb in the middle of the latest storm cycle and they were also experiencing delays with chairs like the Harmony and Peak. It's easy to be critical and say things like “just get it done” but the reality of the situation isn't as easy as some are expressing on this site.

    In bounds avalanches can and do result in injuries and fatalities.
    Check out these stories;

    Our newer policies with respect to access gates and rope placements has significantly reduced the number of dangerous rescues that we needed to perform compared to previous seasons. Most of the criticisms of our new measures are coming from those or you who consider yourselves “core skiers” who know what they're doing. But it must be realized that not every skier on the mountain is “core” or knowledgeable so we cannot cater to just a small number of skiers and boarders. Our safety measures ensure that we can handle all of our customer traffic and unfortunately for some, this will introduce a small level of inconvenience.

    The bottom line is that we are not going to jeopardize the safety of our staff or our customers so a few people can get fresh lines ahead of others. Our goal is, and always has been, to get the Boom open for 9:30 am. If conditions do not permit it to be open by that time, so be it. We are willing to take the pressure (and criticism) while we balance safety and timing while not hurting people.

    I hope this helps you understand why we do what we do and how it happens. To reiterate; talk to us, we will listen and take your feedback into consideration. We can't always act on things right away but we appreciate legitimate and constructive feedback that can assist us to improve the way we do business.

    The conditions have never been better so get up here and enjoy the snow!

    Don Sharpe
    Director, Business Operations
    Mount Washington Alpine Resort