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Mount Washington Resort Reviews

Visitor reviews for Mount Washington Ski Resort

  • February 09, 2009
    from Canada

    Many cheers to the groomers (and management) for keeping Mount Washington open in a low snow year (2009). Many thanks.

  • February 04, 2009
    from Canada

    Once again the team at Mount Washington is doing a fantastic job of piecing together skiable terrain when Mother Nature is asleep on the winter job. Super mountain to ski and great family atmosphere with fun for all.

  • January 10, 2009
    from Canada

    I have worked and skied at numerous resorts in North America and find Mount Washington to be unique in many ways:
    1) There are numerous returning staff that create a family atmosphere that is very welcoming and fun to be a part of.
    2) It can snow 25cms in one hour. Has anyone seen this happen before?
    3) The ratio of knuckling dragging, florescent one piece wearing, belt buckle flashing, ipod wearing typical poser wanabe snowboarders is a little high.
    4) You can still see folks with a smoke in one hand a lucky in the other wiggling there way down the slopes sporting blue jeans.
    5) This is the place were all x somebodys come to collect dust. Great spot to hear how things use to be and should be.
    6) Most everyone here never leaves the island and believes that this is the only place to be, rain or no rain
    7) 200 meter slack country with a 6 km flat road to walk out on, They all love it "hard core"
    8) Overall, one of the most laid back, easy to enjoy ski hills around.

  • January 08, 2009
    from Canada

    I've been a pass holder at Mount Washington for four years so I know, personally, the effects of a no-snow year on my XC skiing recreation. I feel really fortunate to live where I can be skiing in under 45 minutes. What makes Mount Washington unique, except for a few days in December (real powder days), is that I can use Swix Purple Fluro glide wax ( -2 to -8* C) on almost every day.
    My experience at the Raven Lodge and on the XC trails is that the staff are doing their best to be helpful. They are very courteous but maybe that's also because I am a polite old rascal.
    After two wonderful seasons of regular fresh snow and great snow removal on the Strathcona Parkway road, the only thing that I am anxious about is getting enough snow to get down onto the park trails soon.
    Let's give the staff some encouragement for jobs well done. Take a moment to say thank you. I think you'll find that a little courtesy and genuine appreciation will go a long way to making your day on the mountain and theirs an exceptional one.

  • December 29, 2008
    from Canada

    We live locally and love the hill (Mount Washington) and the staff are helpful and friendly,
    It may not be as flashy as the big resorts, but it has great snow and challenging runs. Don't forget how lucky we are to have a resort close by and not full of tourists.
    Love it for what it is - bigger isn't always better.

  • December 24, 2008
    from United States

    I've skied in a number of countries, including Japan and absolutely love Mount Washington. Why? For a small mountain resort it has everything. Attentive service, good food and wonderful choices in terrain. From the Outback (scary stuff) to very nice groomers where you can open it up all the way. And management doesn't stop presenting the goods during winter; summer season is open to mountain biking and hiking.
    Whether it's heavy snow or a need for the club scene (thank you for not being a first tracker.)

  • December 15, 2008
    from Canada

    We always enjoy our skiing on Mount Washington. However, a little more investment for services and facilities would be great, even if it means attracting an outside investor.

  • December 11, 2008
    from Canada

    I've been a long time skier at Mount Washington. There seems to be a lot of comparison to interior mountains. The snow is no comparison to the interior. Yes, the 6 pack is very frustrating. The Hawk/six pack is more the skiers than the staff. You are supposed to load 3 from each side. The problem is Mom, Dad, the two kids all want to ride together so they ignore the $10.00 hour, 18 year old lifty and that's where the problem begins. I've skied most of the interior mountains and the service is no different. At my week at Panorama, you couldn't get a beer at the end of the day. One waitress on? Mount Washington experiences all the difficulties that every business experiences these days. It's hard to find good help , no matter where you want to spend your dollars. Skiing was always a fun thing to do on the weekends. Now we have high speed detachables, padded seats, grooming on most runs and fancy places to sleep. And they still complain. If you can't go up and have a fun day, pick another sport.

  • December 08, 2008
    from Canada

    If you're a dedicated winter sports enthusiast, you should be aware of local conditions at Mount Washington and be able to have fun regardless of the snow type, even if the snow is heavy.
    First ride up the Eagle. Coming over the crest and seeing the Georgia Strait sprawled out beneath you is wonderful. The sun almost blinding and your nostrils freezing as they flare in anticipation, you duck off into the trees and you're off. All you see is white and a blur of green and brown as the thrill of weightlessness takes over as you soar; it's going to be a beautiful morning.
    Throw in a few safety meetings, some toobin (c'mon, if you can't have fun tubing, there's something wrong), a few bevvies at the pub, and a lot of smiling staff. I call that a damn good day.
    Go Mount Washington.

  • December 08, 2008
    from Canada

    i just read some of the reviews and noticed that a lot of people are complaining about its lack of dining and shopping and services. Well, I can't speak for other people but I personally thought you go to a mountain to ski or snowboard. Maybe I'm wrong. Mount Washington is good as it is, we don't need more tourists to come and compare it to Whistler. Go there if that's what you're after. Come to Mount Washington to enjoy the snow.