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Visitor reviews for La Plagne Ski Resort

  • February 08, 2009
    from United Kingdom

    I’ve just returned from La Plagne. Great snow and great weather. It’s not a resort for those who like black runs as most of the runs are blues and reds. The vast majority of the blacks were moguls which was fine for a while but we were unable to find a single pisted black run. There were also some blue runs that were very narrow and had huge moguls on them. This was ok for us, but I dread to think how the beginners coped. There were some serious deficiencies in the piste management at La Plagne this year. Too many blue runs resembled reds and even black runs and this shouldn’t happen in a resort that boasts that it’s one of the worlds best.

    One thing was very, very noticeable though; it was incredibly quiet. The mountain bars and restaurants were practically empty the whole time. You could walk into a place at lunchtime and be absolutely guaranteed a choice of tables. The reason? £9 for an omelette, £15 for Spag Bol, £5 for a (small) bowl of chips and £8 for a pint (sometimes not even full) of lager.

    They are, quite simply, taking the mickey, and it seems that everyone has got wind of it now and are making other arrangements. To cap it all – the levels of service in some places are poor. We walked out of one restaurant because the service was not exceptional (if I’m paying £15 for a spag bol I expect service that would put The Ivy to shame; I didn’t get it so I took my money elsewhere).

    We saw lots of people taking their own sandwiches up the mountain and eating them at the side of the slopes; something I’d not seen before. Some bars (Monica’s in Plagne Village) has a happy hour from 5-6pm – and for that hour its about £4/pint. The atmosphere was great – the bar was packed, until 6:10pm when it was utterly empty again.

    I suspect this year the French resorts might make some money – but next year they’ll be scratching their heads and wondering why nobody is visiting them. You can only con people once, the next time they’ll vote with their feet.

    Will I go back to France skiing? No, not whilst the extortion continues. I don’t mind people making a profit whilst running a business; it’s a good thing but I object to feeling aggrieved and ripped off every time I stop for a drink. It ruins the overall enjoyment of the holiday. Italy or Austria from now on I think.

  • January 19, 2009
    from United Kingdom

    Just returned from a fabulous week in La Plagne. Fantastic skiing, especially for beginners and intermediates on a huge ski area. Experts beware (and I'm not one of them), it may not be much of a challenge and the colour coding of the runs is sketchy at best. 'Blue' and 'Red' tend to merge into one in terms of difficulty and blacks are scarce. Boarders also beware, it can be very flat in places. The family orientated resort is excellent, if a little spread out, though that does give it its own style. As with everywhere the exchange rate has made it hideously expensive (it pretty much starts at 6 quid a pint and 15 quid for a main course) so a catered chalet is well worth a look if you are on any sort of a budget. Will definitely go again to the area but hoping for a better rate on the euro this time.

  • December 20, 2008
    from United Kingdom

    My father bought a timeshare in Bellecote - off plan in the 1970s when I was in my teens. He later bought a couple of timeshares in Belle Plagne. Thirty years later I continue to visit, now with my own children. Although in my twenties I preferred to be around the corner in Val d'Isere. I understandably feel at home in La Plagne. I've seen it change and grow and develop - and a times it was hell with queues, bottle-necks and lack of snow, but the last 8 years have been fantastic. We park the car under underground below my late father's original timeshare in Belle Plagne, open a locker/cupboard we own full of kit, some 30 years old, then ski. My only regret? Twice we have lived in France to be near the Alps, and twice we have returned to the UK :( On vera. JV

  • November 30, 2008
    from Ireland

    Hiya :-)
    Have been heading to La Plagne now for a number of years and it seems to get better each year. Always great skiing and snow conditions. There is good early snow at the moment :-) Where I stay is top seceret as it's relaxing and away from the madness of the days of old drinking sessions. I will be out twice this year so I'll be watching out for all the usual heads. La Plagne beats many of the other high priced resorts across the planet.

  • November 30, 2008
    from Netherlands

    When you are looking for typical Dutch hospitality go to the Dutch bar: après-skibar in La Plagne centre. It is on the road to Aime 2000. From far you can see the blue lights.
    See you there.

  • November 05, 2008
    from United Kingdom

    Travelled March 2008 stayed in the Turquiose in Belle Plagne,with husband and children aged 8/7. Childrens third ski holiday - totally amazing resort it has everything. Children were skiing moguls, loads of snow, first class hotel and staff. The resort wasn't over busy even though it was Easter week. I even went parapenting; amazing. Already booked again for 2009. Fantastic.

  • June 30, 2008
    from United Kingdom

    Visited second week in April, me a veteran, wife and 4 and 6 year old girls all beginners (except for a few dry slope sessions). All came away hooked on skiing with her indoors and the 6 year old on stenm turns (remember them?) and the 4 year old cracking on and skiing the L'Arpette back to Belle Plagne on the last day. Bloody marvelous. Ski school great, village nice, ski in and ski out hotel perfect (deux domaines) and I skied all day every day but still didn't get everywhere in the area. Back next year for more; brilliant family ski resort.

  • April 20, 2008
    from United Kingdom

    La Plagne: a victim of its own success?
    Went to La Plagne 16-23 Feb 08, half term week, stayed at the Maeva Lauze appartments in La Plagne 1800.The apartments are about a 150 metres walk downhill to a gentle piste that takes you to the chairlift out of the village. You need to really take another chairlift to get you into the ski area. What 1800 lacks in ski convenience it makes up for in looks, it is the most pleasant of the villages and actually feels like a village.It is not the spot for wild apres-ski in the evenings but has an excellent bar called La Mine with good beer and live music as well as showing live football. Two restaurants of note in 1800, the white wolf,La Lupo Blanco, serves excellent local specialities as well as fine steaks in delicious sauces. A pizza restaurant and take-away provides a tasty cheaper alternative. On the mountain our favourite was the self service restaurant at the top of the Les Inversens piste,good quality food with mind blowing views from the terrace. The skiing in La Plagne is excellent for any level, it's a vast area, enough for anyone for a week unless you have to ski a new piste every day. I had read prior to going that there was not enough challenges for the more advanced, I couldn't disagree more, the off-piste was excellent, as steep as you want it. My favourite area was off the top of the Verdons Nord chair doing circuits to the bottom of the chairlift without having to go back to Plagne Centre. The off-piste was well tracked out but still fun, no snow for two weeks but conditions still good.On-piste the mogul fields on the black runs off the Le Biolley sector had trenches that would not have been out of place at the battle of the Somme! More pleasant a test are the blacks above Les Couches and Montchavin: tree lined and groomed. The blues and reds in this area are excellent as well, less traffic than in the main bowls and the snow keeps well due to good grooming and sheltered north facing runs. The Bellecot glacier is well worth visiting for the views alone and the gondola ride! don't look down. Endless skiing for intermediates, standout runs, Le tunnel blue run, steepish pitches with long run-outs; great for letting yourself go and the Le sources red, both from Roche De Mio.The signposting is excellent on-piste throughout La Plagne.For beginners, my choice of village would be Belle Plagne or Plagne villages. Other villages are much too busy with through traffic. Which leads me to the only problem with La Plagne: the crowds.Because of the sheer amount of pistes available this was not too much of a problem when travelling around, except for interchanges,the problems arose at the lifts.It was very depressing looking down from above Bellecote or centre at the spiraling mass of humanity and knowing when you joined them you would have a twenty-thirty minute wait at the lifts. The way the lift system is laid out it is very difficult not to return to one of the villages. Old drag lifts and chairs are dotted around and need replacing, especially Vega and Cabri out of centre.Everyone who loves skiing/boarding should visit La Plagne,the locals are friendly, the ski area superb, but maybe give mid February a miss.

  • March 09, 2008
    from United Kingdom

    Just back from La Plagne, staying in Plagne Center.
    Nice ski-in, ski-out hotel (Terre Nova) just by Melezes lift.
    The resort provides ample runs for a skier of my experience (3rd week away). The queues around Plagne Center and Bellecote are on the long side, but once you get away from the flash points, it's not hard to find a piste to yourself.
    The piste markings are pretty poor to say the least.
    Also how they decide the piste gradings is beyond me.
    The 'Tunnel' run is a pleasure because of the relatively steep start to a blue run putting most beginners off. There are easier reds!
    All of the Plagne resorts are connected by free buses which seem pretty efficient. Means you can sample the nightlife in other areas.... I only got as far as a visit to Le Mine in Plagne 1800.

  • February 19, 2008
    from United Kingdom

    My report should have refered to the "Champagny" side of the mountain, not the "Chambery" side ! Skiing via Chambery is a very long way round !