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Visitor reviews for La Plagne Ski Resort

  • April 05, 2010
    from United Kingdom

    Coming up to the end of my season in La Plagne...
    The real story about the resort...

    The sking is great. If you're a boarder and find yourself with not enough speed to get over flats, then maybe you could consider taking more lessons, I have not unclipped my back foot once in 5 months.
    The skiing is good with nice runs: well pisted where it matters (they could do with more piste bashers for lower resorts).
    Off-piste is v good: over 35 decents around La Plagne, some good some ok, but something for everyone. I spent 4 hours skiing over 3 big runs: North Face, Freland (spelt wrong I'm sure) and various other valleys. If you can't find enough challlenging runs, get an off-piste guide. 95% of the people out here would not be able to ski the North Face let alone another 20 off-piste runs.

    The bars are expensive, as with everywhere in France, the nightlife is quieter than the raaa crowd in the 3 valleys, but still fun. Lift waiting times: twice in 5 months did I wait for more than 2 mins at a lift (bottom of the Derby in Les Arcs, and La Arpette in Belle Plagne).

    I was in the resort of Les Coches, which is quiet but mostly chalet orientated. If I were to come here (I'm 29), I would go to Peisey Valandry, as it has more going on.

    La Plagne is a great place in all, you'll have a blast here.

  • March 21, 2010
    from United Kingdom

    Just returned from 1 week at Plagne 1800 (La Plagne), which I would say, although not the best linked/night life, it's by far the nicest looking place to stay.

    La Mine is good for cheap beer and live bands but it gets very busy. The pizza bar was our choice, the owners were excellent with cheap (ish) food but some drinks expensive compared to La Mine.

    Our Chalet was Momosses through Crystal - very good with excellent food in our opinion.

    The snow was good but we've had the best of the last snow, so I wouldn't go back this late in the season again just in case the weather improved sooner than it did this year. A local told us this year the weather was cold for this time of the year but trust me, we all have sun tans.

    Les Arcs has much better lifts, longer runs and quieter. Although La Plagne good, the lifts are much to slow and someone has already mentioned the lift staff never smile!

    The La Plagne was good but Val and 3V just a little bit better in all aspects.

  • February 24, 2010
    from United Kingdom

    We have just returned from a week skiing in La Plange. The skiing was great, however, we stayed at the hotel Vancouver in Plange Soleil. We booked the hotel as it advertised an indoor pool and spa. We did not use the facility owing to the disgusting state of the overcrowded changing room, single toilet and filthy water in the hot tubs. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone.

    D Mitchell.

  • February 07, 2010
    from United Kingdom

    There seem to be some very misinformed comments about La Plagne and I find it hard to understand why. There is a massive variety of pistes plus the extensive off-piste which should keep most levels of skier more than busy. The runs from the Bellecotte glacier are great fun.

    The word disjointed seems to be used a lot but I found that it is usually possible to get to the different sectors using a variety of routes - admittedly boarders and people who struggle to interpret a piste map can struggle but it really doesn't take long to work out your way around the extensive lift and piste network.

    I've stayed in Belle Plagne and Plagne Soleil and yes, the night life is relatively quiet but there are some decent happy hours in the evenings at places like Igloo (Centre) and Tete bar (Belle Plagne) or if you prefer the European dance scene Bellecote is meant to be lively later on.

    I've been to the mega resorts like Tignes, St Anton, Verbier, Courcheval and Meribel and think La Plagne ranks pretty well alongside them particularly as it can be significantly cheaper to stay there. The link to Les Arcs is a bonus but personally I preferred the snow conditions and wider variety of La Plagne.

    Prices are no more than other large resorts. If you want to eat and drink on the cheap it's possible by using the happy hours and takeaways but otherwise it will be fairly pricey but then where in France isn't?

  • January 28, 2010
    from United Kingdom

    I am so surprised that everyone is moaning about the cost of food and drink at La Plagne. Since when has skiing ever been a cheap holiday?

  • January 26, 2010
    from United Kingdom

    Jan 14-18 '09
    La Plagne ok but like some have said, you can spend too much time on the lifts. Some lift attendants severely lacking in smiles and assistance. Skiing pretty good but Les Arcs area leagues better for layout and variety of runs. We stayed in Belle Plagne apparently where all the apres action was - well there still wasn't much. Best apres bar I've been to is that one in Verbier (you know the one don't you?) where the roof winds back to let the snow/stars in - excellent! If I went back to this area I would go to Les Arcs. We did the Aguille Rouge run a few times - really great run, would love to do at end of the day (but impossible if you're staying in Plagne!). Couldn't believe it when we saw a crazy (and v. skilled) off-pister going under the rope and down the 60 degree couloir from top of Aiguille gondola..crazy French dogs !! Happy skiing everyone, snow is amazing at the moment.

  • January 12, 2010
    from United Kingdom

    I just had to comment after reading some reviews on La Plagne. First, the pistes are groomed very well. I agree the blacks are not and as a boarder it sucks but they are blacks so they are meant to be hard. The runs are not really disjointed and if you study the maps you can get around easy. Also, there are maps to hand everywhere. With regard to the comment that the skiing is not hard enough as there are not enough blacks, the off-piste is second to none and very accessible and as safe as you can get. The pistes are numbered well so if you can't count you may get lost.
    The drink, yes, £6 for a pint but most bars have a happy hour and each area have at least 1 club. If you want to party it is not the place to be. The food has been the same price, within reason, for the last 4 years. It's just the £ is worth f all. The staff are as polite as they can be when you have rude Brits who would be better in a English theme pub in Majorca.
    4 years ago was my first trip to La Plagne. I had about 5 seasons in Tignes/Val before and yes, class places but too busy and way more expencive and the same with the 3 valleys. There are a lot of blue runs but a 1/4 of them should be marked as reds but as they have the width they are blues. La Plagne does swing more for the families than the young who party and ski hard. I love it because it's not too busy and for the off-piste.

  • January 06, 2010
    from Ireland

    Stayed in Terra Nova Hotel - Plagne Centre over new year 09/10. Hotel was quite nice: good food, good location but too warm, it was like a sauna!. Slopes at La Plagne were very disjointed and not really 'piste-bashed' everyday. Purchased full area ski pass (not good value €800 as I only got over to Les Arcs once due to queuing for lifts in village of Bellecote which cannot be avoided to get to Les Arcs. French piste attendants did not bother to fill up the chair or bubble lifts which did not help. One of our snow boards was stolen from Hotel locker room-had to pay €430 to replace it! Restaurants at La Plagne are over priced: €8.50 bowl of soup, vodka/coke €8. Overall, not a patch on Tignes or 3 Valleys- I'm afraid I would not return to La Plagne.

  • January 04, 2010
    from Australia

    Paul June 08 nailed it on the head with his comment re La Plagne resort being disjointed. I have just returned from a New Year 09/10 trip and we also had this problem. You simply spend far too much time trying to get from one spot to another so you lose valuable time enjoying the slopes. There were some other problems we encountered, apres-ski was non existant. 2 bars in total are in La Plagne Centre, poor piste signage and non groomed pistes. We made a complaint to the tourism office about the pistes at La Plagne not being groomed and the response we received was the area is too large to groom in one night?? I've skied many resorts, some with double the skiing area and never ran into this problem in the past. Overall, yes it's a nice looking resort with the dotted villages, yes there are hundreds of run, yes this is catered more for families, but if you're after a serious ski holiday with plenty of action and apres-ski, head to another resort.

  • June 15, 2009
    from France

    I have now lived and worked in La Plagne for the last 13 winters (and most summers). La Plagne really is a gem.

    Too many people judge the place without ever really getting to know it. Sure there are not that many bars, but that means we don't get drunken idiots causing trouble. As for angry French locals, I seem to find them some of the nicest people of all the French ski resorts I have been to.

    As for the skiing, nothing to be said as it speaks for itself. Some of the best on and off-piste going. Especially the off-piste; so few people (they all go to Val D'Isere).