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Visitor reviews for La Plagne Ski Resort

  • April 08, 2013
    from United Kingdom

    We stayed in La Plagne with Ice and Fire a couple of weeks ago and were very impressed with the service we received, and the value of the whole deal. The cooking was excellent, the general attitude of the chalet staff and the company owners was very positive, and there were some very nice touches, eg. canapés and cocktails every evening, plus a complimentary bar available all day, every day! On our way home we managed to misplace a handbag with about £1k of valuables in it (d'oh!)

  • April 04, 2013
    from United Kingdom

    In La Plagne at the moment. The snow is still good although some slopes are a little icy. Contrary to reports on many sites the temperature is still low but not the minus 1's and 2's generally reported and we've seen a marked thaw since our arrival last Saturday. We're staying at Laux Apartments in Plagne 1800 and although the nightlife is almost non existent it is the prettiest of the Plagne resorts and we have our own heated pool which is fun and I would recommend these apartments for self catering although they are a bit on the snug side for 4 people (there are 3 of us).

    Generally, the centres themselves are eyesores unless you have a thing for 70's concrete but the skiing area is both high and vast with plenty of virtually empty runs. The quality of the pistes are almost always excellent with the majority of blues and reds regularly bashed. Lifts have to be amongst the most comfortable and reliable I have come across and the majority have no queues at all. Signage is good and making your way around the whole resort is relatively straightforward without the need to fall back on a map. Incidentally, we have found the piste map occaisionally misleading but it must be hard to get such a big ski area all on one page.

    La Plagne is obviosly a well run and popular resort for families with little in the way of apres-ski and what places there are seem uniformally family friendly. We travelled here via Crystal Ski and have been pleased with our holiday as we have a 5 year old and she can, with minimal effort, get around just about the whole area via the wide and gentle blue run network. The ski school has been faultless and the daycare excellent.

    What La Plagne is not is a good resort for anyone more advanced with their skiing than an average to competent beginner. What few reds there are are either short, icy or unpisted and the few blacks do not seem to be graded as black on anything other than the fact they are horribly lumpy rather than steep. With the one exception of the Kamikazee run (and its offshoots) at the top of the Grande Rochette there really isn't a red run worth the name and we have found the blues just a little bit boring often just standing up or shooshing from one hill to the next. For families looking to learn to ski or improve their technique on easy runs La Plagne cannot be beaten but anyone looking for a greater challenge probably needs to look elsewhere.

  • March 24, 2013
    from United Kingdom

    Just returned from our first skiing holiday in La Plagne and would definitely recommend this resort. Lots of blue/ red runs, wide and long. Plenty of coffee stops. Ideal for a relaxed intermediate skier.
    We will be returning !

  • February 06, 2013
    from United Kingdom

    i would also like to add support to the La Plagne fan club. We have been for the last five years. We were there last March when snow was not at it's best: slushy in afternoons and a little icy in morning. Had to get up early and ski when snow was at it's best. Hey, they could not help the fact it was 20 above. This Jan: 20 below, snow fantastic and has been great on every other occasion. Going back in March again this year. Whatever the weather we will enjoy our holiday.

  • January 11, 2013
    from United Kingdom

    I would just like to add my support to the admirers of La Plagne. Admittedly the night life is not the best, especially if you want to go clubbing till the early hours, but there are plenty of friendly bars, and if you make the effort the locals are very friendly. Skiing wise, most of the resort is ski-in ski-out, even for novices. Plenty of piste skiing available for beginners and intermediates, and for the advanced there is a massive amount of off-piste in the area. We first skied here as a family 18 years ago, and I am still finding or being shown new off-piste routes. With the link to Les Arcs the Paradiski area is massive - you would struggle to ski all the pistes in a week's holiday. There are several excellent independent ski schools - notably Oxygene, and my own favorite: Reflex. I have skied and still ski other areas, but of all the 20 or so resorts I have visited, I still prefer La Plagne. We have just finished another excellent week in resort, and look forward to my next visit.

  • January 01, 2013
    from United Kingdom

    I can only endorse what another reviewer has said. I skied La Plagne in April '12, skiing over from Les Arc on 3 occasions. Snow conditions were marvellous. I have had 3 ski holidays based in La Plagne and have booked for 2013. I have skied since 1969 and have 3 ski holidays each season, usually January, March and April. In that time I have experienced a wide variety of conditions, surprisingly the poorest conditions and service have been at Christmas and New Year and luckily only once as described in the comment 'turn back now'. I am so looking forward to skiing in La Plangne again, although sadly it will signal the end of another season.

  • September 10, 2012
    from United Kingdom

    Always enjoyed the skiing in La Plagne, both as family and before the kids came along. Loads of skiing for all levels although advanced on-piste is limited - but most of us are intermediate, and the truly advanced want to be off-piste. Lots of info on all the pistes at
    As to other comments on the snow conditions, would certainly say that April 2011 was slushy in La Plagne but really pleased we were there rather than almost any other resort! Our then 10 year old went back to school saying we had the best conditions in Europe: probably true but might not have pleased any skiing class mates!

  • July 21, 2012
    from United Kingdom

    I honestly can't for the life of me think why someone would post a review like one I have read here.

    Turn back now. La Plagne has turned to slush with only the people who've spent far too much money trying to justify it to themselves and anyone else who'll listen. Found 1 decent red which has now been closed all week, otherwise it's icy and bumpy.

    Why would you post such absolute nonsense? I was in La Plagne all season from December 2011 until late April 2012 and witnessed one of the best seasons for snowfall in recent memory, fantastic conditions across the French Alps from the incredible snowfall amounts in December and January right up until the heavy snowfalls which came in April. To say La Plagne was slushy, icy and bumpy is outrageous. Maybe during warmer days when the sun was at it's strongest the pistes would soften to sugary spring snow, possibly slushy on the lowest elevation but that's the same everywhere during spring in the Alps. Some days it's sunny and warm other days winter returns and we wake to find a fresh blanket of deep, fluffy snow. Posting such a negative review is neither helpful or necessary.

    Snowsports are meant to be fun, maybe they are best enjoyed by people who can find joy in life and the world we live in.

    La Plagne is a fantastic resort with a great snow record, fantastic pistes, something to suit everyone and a laid back attitude to go with it.

    I'll certainly be back.

    [note from the editor: name of other reviewer deleted for sake of anonymity]

  • May 03, 2012
    from United Kingdom

    A bit late now for this season, but I have just got back from an end of season trip to La Plagne and thanks to some heavy snowfall experienced some of the best skiing ever, both on and off-piste. With knee deep spring powder everywhere and no-one around April is still one of the best times to take your ski holiday - oh and La Plagne was fabulous.

  • April 07, 2012
    from United Kingdom

    Turn back now. La Plagne has turned to slush with only the people who've spent far too much money trying to justify it to themselves and anyone else who'll listen.

    Found 1 decent red which has now been closed all week, otherwise it's icy and bumpy.