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La Plagne Resort Reviews

Visitor reviews for La Plagne Ski Resort

  • November 04, 2006
    from United Kingdom

    Went to La Plagne last March and it was absolutely fantastic. I went with my dad my bro and some friends. It was also my first time skiing and i can't explain how good i thought it was. If anyone says to you the snow is rubbish in March they're stupid. The snow was excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As soon as I got there and started skiing I didn't want to leave thats how good it is. After having such an absolute brilliant holiday, I am now going to Tignes in February 2007 and am so excited I already find it hard to sleep. That's what skiing at la plagne made me feel. I give la plagne ***** and I highly recomend it to any standard of skiing.

  • April 24, 2006
    from United Kingdom

    This year was the first time to La Plagne and it was in the middle of April but the snow was still brilliant! The new 8 man chairlift was really nice and there were loads of runs for all type of skiers and boarders. I would definately go again

  • April 17, 2006
    from Malta

    Just returned from La Plagne with my family and friends. We stayed at Club Med 2001 from 9th to 16th April and it was perfect. Snow conditions where first class and nearly all slopes open. Skied twice to Les Arcs and it was easier to get there than one thinks, we made it in less than one hour and a half and enjoyed a few hours in Les Arcs. La Plagne itself is massive and I don't think I skied the same slope twice except to get back to the club. The resort lacks Night Life but I was staying at Club Med which was ideal for a family and we entertained non stop. I recommend la Plagne and Club Med 2001 to any family, all in all the resort is spacious, easy wide slopes and very efficient lifts. We will be back next year for sure...


  • April 04, 2006
    from United Kingdom

    Everything bad I've read about La Plagne in reviews is complete nonsense.
    It's a great place for anybody to go and ski/board.
    There isn't great nightlife, but I didn't go for the nightlife and couldn't care less. I went with 5 friends, and we entertained ourselves perfectly. Buying a beer is overpriced, but it's the same anywhere in these big French resorts. Just buy beer from the shops, and cheap French wine if you're really pinching the pennies.
    Lifts were fast, good, did the job fine, and there was only one lift that ever had a queue, and it wasn't much of a queue. All other lifts we just walked straight on.
    Thinking about going ? never been before ? then definately go, you won't regret it.

  • April 03, 2006
    from United Kingdom

    I've made about 14 trips to La Plagne - basically because I think it's an outstanding resort.
    I won't bother trying to do a full sales pitch, but I'm aghast to read the reviews that rate Les Arcs above La Plagne... La Plagne is far superior without any doubt.
    What I would say is that the ski area is so vast, and there are so many different 'stations' that you really have to know the mountain to fully appreciate everything that's out there. Don't stay in the village resorts unless you need to save a few quid - although they're 'nice' they're always going to be a bind to get back to (or out from), and with so much decent accommodation bang in the middle of the piste at Aime 2000, Plagne Centre, Plagne Bellecote and Belle Plagne it just doesn't make sense.
    If you know where to go you can head up high for 4pm and ski a solid hour barely touching a lift to get back to any of the altitude resorts by 5.
    The people who have found that they're spending too much time on lifts, or having to pole too much to get to lifts just haven't spent enough time looking at the piste map, I'm afraid - I can only think of two runs where you have to pole for the lift and they're both worth it; if you found more you've been combining the wrong pistes and lifts!
    It's true that there are a couple of VERY long chair lifts - but they take you up to the top of a very long run back down which is fine with me! And if you'd rather break up your lift time there are always alternative routes which will take you up to the same place in stages.
    Nightlife, it's true to say, isn't a patch on some other resorts, and La Plagne is very-much family centred. However, I've always gone with a group of lads and there are plenty of great drunken nights out to be had - not least thanks to the excellent shuttle links between stations.
    All in all, it's fantastic, but it's just so big that you have to put a bit of work in to get the most out of it.

  • February 27, 2006
    from United Kingdom

    Wow, second time out in La Plagne. This time 8 lads on a stag do and what a great time we had. Varying levels of skiing from first time on snow to 12 weeks but there was something for everyone. Staying in Chalet Motdit just outside Montalbert. Fantastic food and all the wine you could drink, followed up with six hour days on the slopes and we didn't cover it all! Skied down into Montchavin along the blue to the right hand side via the Vanoise Expres, wicked! Great resort (Feb half-term week) and longest queue was 25mins for bubble up to Rio de Moche, 5mins apart from that. Check out for good accom and have a great week in La Plagne, just like we did!!!

  • February 20, 2006
    from United Kingdom

    Just arrived back yet again from Belle Plagne thre highest resort in La Plagne area. This has been our 4th trip to this resort and we have not got tried of it. We took two other families this time and all had a good time all children were in ski schools and all had good instructions and all instructors spoke very good english. The sking was good bar the second half of the week were we had snow for the last two days.
    I would not hestite to recommend this resort.

  • February 11, 2006
    from United Kingdom

    La Plagne is brilliant, best week of skiing in my life. I thought Oxygene (Plagne Centre) was the best ski school, with only abut 5-6 in each class. The 'Hotel Terra Nova' was superb. This is a great resort. DO NOT MISS OUT ON IT! P.S It's relatively cheap.

  • January 21, 2006
    from United Kingdom

    Just arrived back from La Plagne, not a resort for snowboarders and early in the season it gets a bit icy. The scenery and size of the resort are amazing but the architecture could be better..spent a lot of time on lifts but the terrain makes it worthwhile. Took lessons from ESF and were great intstructors spoke goood english and know all the best spots. Recommend you stay in a higher resort as its quicker to get on the slopes.

  • January 11, 2006
    from United Kingdom

    Maybe my view of La Plagne might be different if we (me and the good lady wife) hadn't gone when we had (the week between Christmas and New Year 05) but as it stands, we thought it was just ok, and that's being diplomatic. The runs, I thought were badly laid out, and you always seemed to be on a lift with not much riding in between. The whole place is a concrete jungle with no nice village atmosphere, but we did know that before we went, so can't really grumble about that. The pistes were always packed and some of the ski school parties numbered in excess of 30 so they would take up a whole run and there was nothing you could do except wait for them to pull up or try and navigate round them. Nothing to do at night at all, no atmosphere, and dare i say it, full of really aggressive hardcore French skiers who would look at you like you have just burgled their house because you had a board strapped to your feet. The "hotel" we stopped in was a nightmare and overall it completely put us off any further French visits. We have been to Mammoth, Whistler, Kitzbuhel, Saas Fee etc so do have some idea of what makes a good resort and unfortunately La Plagne doesn't have anything. Again my review might have been different had we gone at a quieter time but having spoken to other people who have been, there is no quiet time in La Plagne. Sorry to sound so negative.