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  • March 04, 2015
    from Canada

    Mount Washington acts like a spoil kid. When they have their "epic" snow years, they cramb it down our throats but on the years like now and last, they all but turtle. How many times have we had huge rainfalls at sea level and we check out the mountain report to see what they received, only to see they haven't even updated. They create no excitement,at the least, even when there is nothing to report, it should be updated daily,early in the morning, with something, anything, to make us think someone is alive up there. They wonder why so many of us just go golfing. It's too bad they don't understand they actually have competition. They more we go elsewhere, the more we realize there are options.

  • January 16, 2015
    from Canada

    This mountain is a treat. Like most things on the coast, unreliable when it comes to the weather. I hear a lot of ignorant skiers ranting about snow-making. If it was possible, they would have done it. Mt Washington sits in a fragile and beautiful ecosystem. The water sources are scarce and protected. Unlike large city resorts, this one reminds you of how isolated and lonely the wild places really are. But go see for yourself. You really are at the mercy of the earth.

  • January 12, 2015
    from Canada

    Ever heard a long winded Eddy Vedder song? The kind of song that inspires you, maybe takes you to a special place?
    I need one of those, this season is like having to listen to the first nickle bck record over and over. I swear to god I'll see Chad Kruger in the bar soon crying in his beer.
    So round two of a split season? Japan and Germany seem to be getting hammered, what about us? We either need to start releasing radiation into our atmosphere or start cooking Snitzel & spatzel at an alarming rate.
    I personally know a groomer up there, and they really are doing the best they can, they've even starting filling in cross ditches with marmot hair, old rental boots, hay & Teddy's grub. It's like skiing on a pair of worn out jeans. Mommas constantly puttin' patches on and sewing them up.
    We don't need snow making like some of the doomsday folk have suggested, we need a mini ice age, more beer and a little faith.
    I'm headed up there today to scope out a few lines through daddy's daycare glades,,, pretty sure I'll run into dirt chip, trigger finger, Jojo beans and the king of cain, all huddled up in a circle trading meat snacks and doin' whip it's. Gonna be a long month.

  • December 25, 2014
    from Canada

    Well, nice poem, from another reviewer, but Mt.Washington could be so much more. As a regular shedder I love the mountain. With snow guns we could be open a month earlier than Dec.20th [temp.was right].
    With improvements of lodge facilities we could be world class. Today you don't have to rely on a hope and a prayer the technology is there, lets get with it. We have a gem at our doorstep [moving the tube park is a start ]but lets see further improvements. Signing off doomsday of the north.

  • December 23, 2014
    from Canada

    We hung on to the forecasts like children waiting to see if daddy was coming home.
    Pre-season clouded a lot of local skiers judgement, some found themselves waking up after a night of heavy drinking not knowing who they even were. Time was dragging out, ambition and the will to keep going was fading; who were we? Are we still people of the mountains? Or have we resorted to becoming something less than a snow inspired being. Things changed quickly, and just in time. Jack Daniels & Mr flap had almost sunk there teeth into our hearts, when three lost souls had an idea, the idea was to bring back the burn.
    Like the ullar parties in creek side of Whistler, BC, we gathered a few skis and a snowboard lying abandoned in my garage, I found a jug of old sled gas, almost rancid from last year. We invaded a neighbors back yard and used his fire pit, and then the burn began, demons of the offseason ablaze in the night, seared and torched into fumes shooting into the dark sky, this was only for a dream we held, a dream of winter making a return.
    When the smoke had settled and the fire pit looked stained with petex and blackened remnants of bindings and steel, it started snowing. It snowed for three days.

    {note from the editor: post edited to remove another reviewers name; interesting poetic licence.]

  • December 09, 2014
    from Canada

    Timmy and I just scouted a new off-piste run behind the radio tower. Oh boy, it's going to be a great place to take Timmy on a picnic and show him how to master my spread eagle! He's a quick learner and we named that run Timmy's spread eagle in case anyone wanted to know? There's also a great off-piste run behind the sunrise that Timmy did back scratchers with me while I spread eagled all the way down! We named that run Timmy's touches! What a great season it's going to be with Timmy and I off-piste saddling up all the time! If anyone needs to know some more areas of back country that Timmy and I have pioneered we will let you know what they are called.

  • December 02, 2014
    from Canada

    Winter long range forecast same as last year. Limited snow for the coast and island mt ranges. Look at the next 2 weeks weather for Mt.Washington; high freezing levels and lots of rain. Lucky to be open for Xmas. Could be another bust. No shedding till end of January. Time to think snow guns. Signing off... Doomsday of the north.

  • November 11, 2014
    from Canada

    Old Pete's at the window, ponderin' past powder
    The mill wrongs are rightin' the past seasons slackin'
    The lodge is dead quiet, but downstairs a ruckus
    Guffaw, titter... snort-chortle-snicker

    The sleds are a purin' thwack wallop and wump
    Another 540, should be in the dump
    The greasers are fixin' their dad's station wagons
    The book keepers keepin' share holders from weepin'

    The risk is well managed, he's workin' from home
    More signs or less signs? The answer is both!
    Patrol getting ready, to rescue intsructors
    The sparky's are using their arms as conductors

    But none of this matters, it's ullr we pleasin'
    Merry winter to all
    And to all, a good season

  • March 22, 2014
    from Canada

    Tube park. Spring break. One attendant. One lane closed. Twenty minute wait. Management can do better.

  • March 08, 2014
    from Canada

    Woo Hoo! The snow is back at Mount Washington! I was up last week (February 27 and 28) and it was great. The mountain has done an awesome job with staffing and grooming, and the lifties are happy to be at work, whether they are slowing the chair on the Sunrise or scanning tickets at the other lifts. Good to see some familiar faces back checking tickets. If you're at the Hawk, say Hi to Norton.
    With the updated forecast, this could be an epic Spring Break.