Ski areas in New Zealand have reported heavy snowfalls this past week with up to 50cm of fresh snowfall in total.

The ski season in New Zealand and much of the southern hemisphere does not normally start until June and whilst no ski area is officially opening yet, several have seen people hiking up to ski the fresh snow.

Mt Ruapehu (pictured top) reported up to 20cm of fresh snow and drifts of up to a metre.

April Snow

No April fools- Snow storms hits, getting excited for winter !

Gepostet von Mt Hutt am Montag, 9. April 2018


The early snow was reported to be due to an Autumnal southerly blast of cold air from Antarctica.

Mt Hutt, which is due to open for its 2018 ski season on June 8th, was one of the resorts to report 50cm of fresh snow and two holiday makers were given the chance to ski there.

Mt Hutt Ski Area Manager James McKenzie said the area’s main trails were skiing nicely.

Porters ski field which is located 90km away from Christchurch caused some excitement when it announced that its access road had been cleared and invited New Zealanders to, “come up and play in the snow this weekend,” having posted this video:

Summer operations staff on the commute to work this morning ❄️❄️❄️

Gepostet von Porters Ski Area am Dienstag, 10. April 2018


However it clarified that it meant come and play in the snow at its year-round Porters Lodge base and restaurant facility and said the road to the ski area itself would stay closed until June 22nd, 2018.