Val Thorens will debut what are believed to be the first four wheel drive self-driving shuttles for guests in a ski resort next winter.

Europe’s highest major ski resort will begin operating ‘Berto’ the all-electric self-driving electric shuttle when the ski area opens for the 2019-20 season on 23rd November.

In fact Berto has already made its first appearance on the resort’s streets fort a test operation last  March but this coming season it will be fully operational.

Seating 15 passengers, the autonomous shuttle will transport skiers and locals around the resort – for free -while protecting the environment.

Packed with cutting edge multi sensor technology, cameras and GPS it can operate at up to 25 Kph.

And Berto is not the only electric transportation innovation in Val Thorens next winter.

A tracked electric buggy-like machine called Z Green, designed to make getting anywhere in the resort possible, will make its debut.

Targetted in particular at passengers with reduced mobility, Val Thorens’ Tourist Office will have two machines available to book for free for visitors with disabilities.

In addition, a Z Green Park is opening with a dedicated snow circuit for those who want to put the machines through their paces on an off -road track.