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Lift Manufacturer Installs Huge Solar Energy Array

Although new ski lifts are ever more energy efficient, with an increasing proportion running, at least partially, on renewable energy, often generating power through solar panels built in to their structures and increasingly exporting the heat generated by their motors to warm nearby buildings, there remains the question of the energy required for the new lifts’ production in the first place.

Lift-manufacturer Garaventa, part of the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group, the world’s largest ropeway manufacturer, has had over 2,000 solar panels installed on its roof of its subsidiary at Goldau in Switzerland, creating an array that can meet more than a third of its annual energy requirements.

The new facility of 2,122 panels covers an area of 5,400 square metres and has been created by Solarenergie Arth AG with whom Garaventa have entered a 25-year supply agreement.

The array will generate 620,000 kWh of electricity each year of which Garaventa itself will use some 420,000 kWh which represents 35% of its annual energy requirements.

The new solar array is part of a wide range of initiatives the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group say they have in place at all their international sites with the aim of leaving behind a minimal carbon footprint.

“Other sites such as Gassner Stahlbau in Bürs (Austria), the new LTW building and the Doppelmayr site in Wolfurt (Austria) will also soon be equipped with photovoltaic installations to produce renewable energy,” said István Szalai, Executive Director of Doppelmayr Holding SE.

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  1. Baz

    24th October 2021 3:18 pm

    The thing about all the great ideas of people is they are nearly always short sighted. Solar is great for short term, the panels are made using toxic elements which are refined from inner forms. Unfortunately when the panels deteriorate over about 20 years they need to be replaced. Guess what happens to all those panels? That’s right they get shipped off to landfills in other countries and the danergous chemical elements in the panels are slowly leached into the environment there. Great stuff eh, so much better than a bit of CO2 which is basically food for photosynthesis, which makes what again? That’s right complex carbohydrates and Oxygen. Amazing, you couldn’t imagine a better way of going could you?

    While I salute innovation and ideas to limit greenhouse effects, CO2 is not the devil and it will not be the end of us. Our rampant overpopulation will. This is the only problem for the planet, and it is pretty much the sole issue for climate change. Look at the last century. Innovations in medicines gave us many antibiotics, vaccines and therapies that extend life massively and prevent countless infant deaths. So over approx 100 years the population of humans went from 4 billion to well over 7 billion little polluters and breeders. Look forward to 2100 and the forecast is for 11 billion, and this was the estimate before the introduction of the Malaria vaccine in Africa last week.

    The ability to produce food is going to be one of the biggest problems, already the food industry is contributing a larger climate issue with methane byproducts (add to this the steaming pile of human turds which do the same) than is CO2 from fossil fuels. Methane being approx 30 times more efficient as a greenhouse gas than CO2. Of course we don’t want to think about that yet do we? Eating insects instead of steak??? I know I don’t fancy that.

    And of course we can all get our little electric cars and tell ourselves we’re “saving the planet”. Which we’re not, we’re simply creating ever more waste which is going to end up somewhere, and somewhere along the way will have an environmental impact. The solution is arriving at a sustainable level of human population, which I would assert we have long since passed. Take the UK for example, the land mass here is only capable in a good farming year of sustaining 40 million people or thereabout. Our current overpopulation is in excess of 70 million.

    Sooner or later we are going to limit ourselves by our lack of self control and foresight of this issue. And the migrant problems and COVID problems of the world will seem like a tea party in comparison once we arrive at the population level tipping point.

    You want to do something truly great for the planet, and the future of the human race? Stop breeding. If every other human did this for the next century all our problems in respect to climate change would simply go away. Particularly if we gave over large areas of land to re-wild itself. But my guess is we won’t opt for this approach, since it stamps on our human rights (as some might say), or our entitlement to have kids no matter the cost (as I would say it)…..

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