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April 27, 2014
Bill Attwood from Ski Australia Australia
I spent a wonderful three weeks skiing here in 1949. There was not a lot of snow but the skiing was good, the accommodation was excellent but most of all the people of Winterberg were delightful hosts. A holiday that I shall never forget.
February 09, 2011
Chris Dawson from Ski United Kingdom United Kingdom
I learnt to ski in Winterberg during the 1960's as my father was in the British Army, based in Wuppertal which from my memory was about 40 miles away. I remember there being a big Olympic style ski jump there.
February 24, 2010
frazer attrill from Ski United Kingdom United Kingdom
Winterberg is a completely different experience to anything that I have ever been to before. I have been skiing for 6 years and that has been at big alpine resorts (Garmisch-Partenkirchen) and Winterberg is a big down scale from that. I don't think it's quite as bad as some make it out to be but it is very small and it is a good place for beginners to learn and better than that if you live in the far south east of England it is closer to go to Winterberg rather than Scotland (so you can drive with help of a train or ferry). The trip on the other side is less than 5 hours. The only other thing is I recommend you don't drive through Essen as it's a log jam and go during the week (school holiday? so you can teach the kids) as during the weekend it's full of people from the Netherlands. Knowing a few words of German is a must as many don't speak any English. Finally, it's cheaper than any resort that I have seen of this size (Scotland) so it's good to learn because why pay for a big ski area pass if you're only going to use a few learner slopes. Whereas, in Winterberg, an adult day pass is 23 euros.
May 06, 2009
DUSKO KONCAR from Ski Croatia Croatia
Well, Winterberg is an interesting resort; not expensive at all,. Comparing it to France it is a great deal, but when it comes to skiing it is a great disappointment. You step on your skis, do your two or three turns and you are there, at the bottom, and that is the longest slope. Lots of short, uninteresting slopes. Good to bring small kids to Winterberg and teach them ski as all the slopes are for them. People smoke in all places; don't see that anymore. If you are a smoker it's the place for you.
December 08, 2008
Andreas Kruse from Ski Germany Germany
I am a resident of Winterberg and perhaps it is interesting for you to learn that Winterberg is ready for skiing even if there is not enough natural snow, provided the temperatures are around freezing level. In most places they have installed snow cannons (is that what you'd call them in English?) that produce snow all through the night and in the mornings it is spread all over the slopes. At the moment (Dec. 2008) the skiing conditions are still very good and we are expecting new snow throughout the next weeks. This area is very good for families who want to teach their children how to ski as our slopes are not as demanding as those in the Alps and they are good for the smaller budget that families usually have, too. And the lift-passes don't cost as much as in Austria or Switzerland either. See you in Winterberg soon ;-)
January 19, 2006
Ruben Koene from Ski Netherlands Netherlands
Lots of fun in Winterberg! Just 3 hours from my hometown Utrecht in the Netherlands. It's a great alternative for the Alpes. Less expensive and just around the corner. Don't expect Alp-like snow ans slopes, but really funny to entertain yourself for a couple of days! Greetz, Ruben!
June 09, 2005
Tobi from Ski Germany Germany
hello dudes! well ... an interesting resort! only about 1 hour away from sickest city smog there it is. the small village called winterberg. in winter snow en mass, but the problem is: ONLY in winter ... when it got enough, you may drive the (small but sick) park at the Kahler Asten. Else you have the possibility to board pistes or some (little!!!) backcountry stuff ... It is much fun to go boarding there but not too many times, less km´s of pists is one reason! come there and find out :-) !! cya up at winterberg, yours ToBi