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Overall: 1.8. Based on 2 votes and 10 reviews. Vote

Snowsure: 3.0

(1) Occasionally gets enough snow for skiing, (2) is often closed due to a lack of snow, (3) occasionally suffers from a lack of snow, (4) rarely suffers from a lack of snow, (5) Szklarska Poręba is snowsure even in the poorest seasons.

Off-piste: 1.0

(1) No off-piste worth mentioning, (2) off piste is out-of-bounds, (3) some varied offpiste that stays fresh for one or two days, (5) a vast array of off-piste routes that can stay untracked for several days.

Accommodation: 3.0

(1) No places to stay in/near Szklarska Poręba, (3) a few places to stay in the resort, (5) a wide variety of accommodation suitable to suit all budgets.

Luxury Hotels: 3.0

(1) No luxury accommodation available, (3) just one or two luxury hotels so book ahead, (5) several up-market hotels in Szklarska Poręba.

Childcare: 3.0

(1) There are no child care facilities at Szklarska Poręba, (5) the resort has excellent child-care facilities including at least one reasonably priced creche.

Snow Grooming: 1.0

(1) There are no snow groomers at Szklarska Poręba, (3) occasionally some pistes are left ungroomed and in a poor state, (5) all the runs at Szklarska Poręba are groomed daily.

Nearby options: 2.0

(1) If snow conditions are poor at Szklarska Poręba, it will be poor everywhere nearby, (3) there are good alternatives within an hours drive, (5) other locations on the same lift pass provide a rich variety of snowsure ski conditions.

Lift Staff: 1.0

(1) The staff at Szklarska Poręba are rude or unhelpful, (5) lift staff at Szklarska Poręba are pleasant, cheerful and eager to help.

Ski Schools: 3.0

(1) No ski schools available, (2) one or two ski schools but local language only, (3) a few ski schools but book early for multi-lingual instructors, (4) plenty of ski schools and multi-lingual instructors available, (5) excellent ski schools with friendly multi-lingual ski instructors.

Beginners: 1.0

(1) Beginners can only watch others ski and snowboard, (3) a few gentle slopes but beginners will get bored in less than a week, (3) Vast areas of gentle terrain.

Advanced: 1.0

(1) Nothing for advanced skiers and snowboarders, (3) enough steep terrain for a few days with some good offpiste, (5) Enough steep terrain and offpiste areas to entertain advanced skiers for at least a week.

Cross-country: 1.0

(1) There is nowhere to go for cross-country skiing around Szklarska Poręba, (3) there are some cross country trails available, (5) the area features many spectacular and well maintained cross-country trails.

Mountain Dining: 2.0

(1) Nowhere to buy food by the pistes, (3) some places to eat up on the mountain but they are often busy and expensive, (5) there is a variety of excellent mountain eateries right next to the slopes to suit all budgets.

Apres-Ski: 2.0

(1) Nothing to do, not even a bar, (3) there are a few bars in the resort but nothing special, (5) clubs and bars stay open until very late and have a friendly atmosphere.

Entertainment: 1.0

(1) Besides the snow and walking there is nothing to do here, (3) the non-skier will find things to do for few days but may become bored after a week, (5) the resort area is a fascinating place to visit, regardless of winter sports.

Ski Pass Value: 1.0

(1) A 1 week ski pass is overpriced compared to the number of lifts available, (3) the ski pass is averagely priced and covers a reasonable number of lifts, (5) ski passes are excellent value for money and cover a lot of lifts spanning a big area.

Value (Global): 1.0

(1) Overall, Szklarska Poręba is one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world, (3) overall it offers pretty average value for money compared to resorts from other countries, (5) internationally the resort offers excellent value for money.

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October 27, 2012
Jerzy from Ski Poland Poland
They have a new 6 seater now so no more lift queues!
March 10, 2010
Anna from Ski Czech Republic Czech Republic
While the queues for the lift at the bottom of Szrenica (Szklarska Porębaa) can be annoying, intermediate or good skiers can avoid them by staying at the top half of the mountain. That way, I never had to wait for more than a few minutes at a time. One can spend a nice day on the black slope (FIS) or the top half of the red slope (Lollobrigida). Sure, there's no restaurant as such but in the kiosk at the middle station, one can get nice warm food and drink and there's outside seating. And for the frozen and hungry, there's Hala Szrenicka, just about 150 m above the top station of the lift.
March 02, 2008
mark from Ski United Kingdom United Kingdom
This is a tiny resort by western European standards, but by Polish standards its one of the best resorts they have. This is where I learned to ski and I have been back many times because I lived close by. It is a small resort with only 4 runs, 1 black, 2 reds, and one blue. The black and red runs are fairly interesting and good fun, with one of the reds being 4 kilometers long. A slow 2 person chair lift takes you half way up the mountain, but this only gives you access to the blue run. An even slower two person chair and a quicker t-bar takes you to the top where you have access to the other runs. At weekends expect to queue at least 30 mins at the bottom and the pistes to be very crowded, so if you do go, try to make it during the week. The big plus for skiers from western Europe is the prices. A couple of days sking, accommodation and flights (if booked in advance) won't cost you much more than a big weekend at home. There is plenty of accommodation and restaurants and ski hire in Szklarska, which is quite a nice little place. In short, if you're on a budget and want to ski it's not a bad choice, but if you're not, go to the Alps.

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