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Elm Resort Reviews

Visitor reviews for Elm Ski Resort

  • December 03, 2017
    from Switzerland

    Elm is probably the best day trip for skiing close to Zurich. It has long slopes, never too many people and the staff are really friendly. Perfect for beginners and also good if you want to go downhill without disturbing anybody.
    It is affordable (pass and food).
    I can't say one bad thing about Elm. Been there twice already and will go back.
    A real gem.

  • Elm Ratings

    Overall: 4.4. Based on 1 vote and 3 reviews. Vote

    Public Transport: 5.0

    (1) There are no buses or taxis to Elm, (3) there are slow or infrequent buses / trains available, (5) getting to the resort is easy with frequent bus / train connections.

    Scenery: 5.0

    (1) An ugly resort in a bland setting, (3) average mountain views and resort, (5) a spectacular setting and a beautiful / historic resort town.

    Ski in/Ski out: 5.0

    (1) The ski area is located far from any accommodation, (3) a free ski bus takes you to the ski area in a short trip, (5) Ski-in ski-out accommodation is available.

    Snowsure: 4.0

    (1) Occasionally gets enough snow for skiing, (2) is often closed due to a lack of snow, (3) occasionally suffers from a lack of snow, (4) rarely suffers from a lack of snow, (5) Elm is snowsure even in the poorest seasons.

    Snowmaking: 3.0

    (1) Elm relies entirely on natural snow, (3) there are just a few snow cannons, (5) there are snowmaking facilities on all pistes.

    Regional rating: 5.0

    (1) Elm usually has poor snow conditions compared to other resorts in region, (3) has average conditions for the region, (5) usually has the best snow conditions in the region.

    Lift Staff: 5.0

    (1) The staff at Elm are rude or unhelpful, (5) lift staff at Elm are pleasant, cheerful and eager to help.

    Off-piste: 3.0

    (1) No off-piste worth mentioning, (2) off piste is out-of-bounds, (3) some varied offpiste that stays fresh for one or two days, (5) a vast array of off-piste routes that can stay untracked for several days.

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  • December 15, 2009
    from Switzerland

    Elm....look out...Aspen.
    One of the best kept secrets in skiing.
    Inexpensive...solitude...and powder..... all day long.
    Courteous people....and the 'real" Swisse.
    All year round resort area...and only an hour from Zurich.
    Plus Vreni might even buy you a cup of coffee.... !


  • February 10, 2006
    from United States

    Classic throwback old fashioned little Swiss resort.....just got in from skiing from 8am to 5pm {unbelievably they actually are open for 2 hours longer than most resorts, and in typical Swiss fashion, they stick to the schedule}. Spent the day soaring over logs, stumps, fences, small huts and barns and pretty much every other obstacle as all were covered in 50cm of fresh powder! And the sweet moment was the lift operator lifting the rope to take the last lift to the top at 4:20 {literally and figuratively....} although that lift was supposed to shutdown at 4:15 {most un-Swiss}....must have seen the big powder grin on my face.