Ski resorts in Australia have had a coating of snowfall over the past 24 hours, during what is mid-summertime in the country.

Resorts posted images and video on their social media channels saying they hoped the snow would go soon so they could return to mountain biking and summer hiking, but also noting it could be a sign of an early winter and to book 2023 ski holidays now.

The ski season in Australia traditionally starts in early June, but sometimes ski areas open in late-May if there’s cold weather and snowfall earlier than that.

The season usually runs to late September or early October but Australian resorts also posted snowfall pictures through November and December last year, right to the start of summer.

June 2023 will see the re-opening of Selwyn ski area which was destroyed by bush fires shortly before the pandemic began in early 2020. It had been about to open for the 2022 season last year when the remaining reconstruction work was halted by too much snowfall.