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Tougher Testing for the Unvaccinated On Austria’s Slopes If Cases Rise

Austria has announced a number of rules and regulations for skiers and boarders holidaying at the country’s ski resorts this winter.

The headline news is that unvaccinated skiers can still access the slopes if they have a recent negative lateral slow test result, but the Austrian government has inserted a number of ‘provisos’ that make for stricter rules if the pandemic worsens this winter in the country, as many experts think likely (along with for most of the rest of the world).

Essentially, the rules will be tweaked if the number of patients in Austrian intensive care beds with COVID 19 rises above certain levels.

The first cut off point is at 300 patients in ICU at which point the unvaccinated will no longer be  permitted in apres ski bars, although the fully vaccinated and those with evidence of recovery from a recent COVID 19 recovery would still be.

The next cut off point comes if the country reaches 400 patients with Covid-19 in ICUs at which point unvaccinated skiers and boarders will no longer be allowed on the slopes with a negative lateral flow test result but will need to take the more accurate PCR test and get a negative result.

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  1. Baz

    14th October 2021 3:50 pm

    This stuff makes me laugh. We’re open, no we’re wait a minute, we’re not. You can ski, but you have to be vaccinated…. The thing is the disease spreads effectively enough among people that are vaccinated as well. And worrying about whether or not your typical unvaccinated skier is going to get COVID is a tad pointless as a result. Not to mention that most of the skiing group that will be unvaccinated will almost exclusively be in the under 30 years of age and healthy camp, means they will be highly unlikely to end up in an ICU bed. But its nice to see the hysteria just will not die. The problem is not enough people are challenging the narrative about how much of problem COVID actually is. And as a consequence we are killing many many people in other ways, and they are highly likely to be younger people than anyone dying off with COVID on top of whatever else is wrong with them including their old age. For example, in the UK we now expect 15 thousand women to be getting a good dose of cervical cancer because of failures to diagnose and treat because of what? That’s right COVID. And this is just one cancer. I know which I would rather my sister or daughter had if I were to choose, and it wouldn’t be cancer. Yet here we are, still missing the point 18 months on sacrificing the freedoms of the young for the sake of people at the end of their lives anyway with or without COVID in the vast majority of cases. And I have no issue with the idea of keep the old and infirm “home and safe”. But it just isn’t required to do this to the majority of the population, including those that would go skiing and on to party bars in the evening.

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