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The Snowmageddon in the Alps of January 2018

The start of 2018 has seen unprecedented snowfall in the Alps.  With resorts cut off by snow-covered roads or high avalanche danger it’s hard to think now that only a few months ago people were getting convinced that, after fairly warm and dry starts to the past three winter, the start of the ski season was no longer a safe bet for booking a snow sports trip.  So prices were rising at Easter and there were deals aplenty in December and January. December 2017, the first full month of the current season, had already been very snowy. Checking through Snow-forecast’s stats going back more than two decades, we reckon it was the snowiest start of a ski season in the…

Portillo, Chile Stops Selling Day Tickets As From Tomorrow Due To Lack Of Snow

Portillo Ski Resort in Chile announced that is going to stop selling day tickets as from tomorrow, Saturday, due to lack of snow. In a statement posted last Wednesday on their website and social networks, they argued that the reasons for the decision were the current snow conditions. The text also highlighted that Portillo will resume selling day tickets once conditions get better. According to Portillo's general manager, Miguel Purcell, 85% of the ski area was opened for skiing on Tuesday. The hotel is full and people are skiing normally. However, the snow cover is thin, and won't last for too long if it doesn't snow soon. Portillo's…

South America Snow Conditions Roundup (6th July)

In South America, especially in Argentina, ski resorts don't tend to provide very accurate information regarding snow conditions. In fact, they rarely measure or carry official records about snow depths and total season snowfalls. When they do, these numbers are not always correct. Here is our quick summary of real snow conditions in the most important Chilean and Argentinean ski resorts, from Cerro Castor to Portillo. SNOW CONDITIONS IN ARGENTINA Cerro Castor Snow covers the whole resort, and all slopes -except for Halcón Peregrino area- are open. However, due to the lack of recent snowfalls and some rain, trails are extremely hard, icy and fast. Snow is forecast for the next week, which is excellent. Cerro Castor, on…