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New Zealand ski areas hit by New South Wales Virus Lockdown

New Zealand media is reporting that some New Zealand ski areas are reporting mass holiday cancellations from Australians based in Sydney.

A 1-week lockdown of parts of Sydney due to a spike in the Delta-variant of the virus there has now been extended to the whole city and for two weeks, with other Australian cities also going in to their own restrictions.

This coincides with a key school holiday period when New Zealand ski areas had been hoping to see a bounce-back from 2020.

Last year Australians could not travel to New Zealand at all but this year a ‘travel bubble’ between the two countries announced a month ago appeared to make the return of the New Zealand ski holidays for Australians a reality. Quarantine-free travel from Australia has now been suspended by New Zealand for the end of June and start of July at least.

Several ski area managers told New Zealand media they were “gutted” by the suspension of the travel bubble saying that bookings had been “near capacity” for the coming fortnight and they were seeing, “…mass cancellations coming in now.”

One area said Australian guests currently make up half their client base, others put the number at around a third.

However not all ski areas were upset by the hopefully short-term travel-bubble closure. After a promising huge snowfall a month ago New Zealand ski-areas have had a lot of warm and wet weather and struggled to open much terrain, so the managers of some areas said it was ironically actually almost a relief that Australians had to cancel bookings than arrive and be disappointed by what they found in New Zealand’s ski areas at present.

They said the bigger problem would be if the virus got into New Zealand and they had to go in to full ski area lockdown at the start of the season.

Of course ski areas in Australia are also being impacted by the lockdowns of the country’s major cities.

(Images from Mt Hutt)

  1. Baz

    30th June 2021 10:14 pm

    This is totally hysterical, about 3 cases and they’re at it again. The last 18 months of madness show no signs of changing tack. An unparalleled farce, based solely in the realms of Mass Hysteria. There has been absolutely zero logic in the approaches taken, and the catastrophic waste of public money is simply scandalous. Don’t get me wrong there have been some wins, like the development of vaccines in such quick times, but the UK Gov had nothing to do with that so maybe that’s why that part worked well. And how many of them know all of this is a big steaming pile of bull…? At least Matt Hancock, Mr Cummings, and one Prof Neil Ferguson to name a few all knew the their own rules were overkill and a complete waste of time didn’t they. Yet here we are 18 months on still galloping up diarrhoea drive without a paddle. And I’m sure the public will be out on their doorsteps clapping away again as their freedoms are removed yet again in the name of “saving lives”…. except this is not saving lives, quite the reverse actually. And at what point does not getting to have a life matter in a so called free society? Just wait for lockdowns in the name of climate change, or air quality, or influenza…. all of these supposedly kill more people than COVID has done in NZ, Aus and the UK in the last 6 months….. how long will it be before it is something else?

  2. Baz

    30th June 2021 11:45 pm

    You know the thing that pains me most about this is people have absolutely no idea what they are doing when they support a policy like lockdowns. They breed inequality at a pace that is unsurpassed. They will usher in a two tier society, and they will be used again and again and again, because they will not affect the elites. And the best bit…. I said all of this last year in March, and was told by some people on this site who think they think for themselves “they will only be needed for a short time to flatten the curve”. Mindless idiots quoting the current group think. Unfortunately you give someone absolute power, and it corrupts absolutely. And to quote Ben Franklin “people who give up essential liberty to obtain a little extra temporary safety deserve neither”. He was spot on because personal freedom is what used to make the West great. It is slowly being chipped away and it will never return, particularly when there are millions of morons out clapping while they’re having their liberty stolen for a lie..

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