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Most (But Not All) Californian Resorts Close Due To Coronavirus Just as Huge Snowfall Hits the Region

Ski areas in California, like in most in the USA, have closed in the battle to slow the spread of the coronavirus just as a huge snowfall brings some of the best snowfall of the season to the region.

Ski resorts in the state reported up to a metre (40 inches) of snowfall over the weekend (at Sugar Bowl), Homewood reported 89cm (three feet).

The coronavirus closure come after some areas were forced to close over the weekend by the extreme weather which at sometimes in some places included weather phenomena such as lightening as well as the very heavy snowfall.

Although most ski areas in the state have closed, some are still open, or at least were at the time of writing, Snow Valley Mountain Resort say they hope the stay on this week and are offering 50% off tickets to skiers from other resorts which have closed.

“We realize the challenging situation currently at hand and feel it is important to offer outdoor recreational opportunities. Ski areas are very much open facilities with plenty of space to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and sledding over hundreds of acres.”

Mountain High and China Peak are also staying open for now at least, they’ve said. China Peak issued the statement below.

Of those currently closed, some are currently saying the closure is just for seven days, initially at least. Some say they plan to re-assess whether to resume operations as early as this Thursday.

Vail Resorts, which owns Heavenly, Northstar and Kirkwood in California and many other North American ski areas, say they are currently closed until next Sunday whilst deciding what to do for the remainder of the season.  The Alterra Group which owns Mammoth and Squaw Valley (pictured above) in California say they are currently closed ‘indefinitely’.

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  1. K Berry

    17th March 2020 7:21 pm

    Great to see a positive attitude! I skied in Megeve France Sat 14/3 after they sent an E mail reassuring everyone they would be open until April 13. As I drove back to UK later in the day, Macron closed ALL resorts in France. Solidarite !!

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