A period that lasts about three weeks for skiing and boarding under the midnight sun is due to get underway at Riksgränsen in the Arctic Circle this weekend.

The resort in northern Sweden and known as Europe’s spring skiing capital will run two of its lifts;  Nedre stolliften and Övre stolliften between 10pm and 30 minutes past midnight on Mondays and Fridays during May, so that resort guests can make the most of 24-hour daylight at their northerly latitude.

Midnattssol i Gränsen

Sommaren är kort och vintern lång i Riksgränsen. För två månader sen den 8 juni filmades det här under midnattssolen.

Gepostet von Riksgränsen am Dienstag, 8. August 2017

Riksgränsen’s ski season only begins in late February or early March each year as it is so cold and dark there in winter.  It traditionally stayed open through to Midsummers Day in late June but last season there was not enough snow for it to stay open into June.

This year it will close of May 28th but aims to re-open for Midsummer from to the 20th to 23rd June.

The resort opened for its 2019 ski season two months ago with 4 metres of snow lying. This has since declined to a 2.5m base which should hopefully be enough to see it through to the June re-opening, especially with temperatures currently subzero and more snow falling, but this is yet to be confirmed.