Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming says it has had more snow ion the first fortnight of 2020 than in the first half of January in any previous year.  As a result its upper slope base depth is also the deepest it has ever been for this early in the season.

The resort has had snowfall every day of the year so far with over a foot (30cm) of snow falling in five of the 14 days, all but one of them in the past week.

Altogether this has added up to more than 11 feet (134 inches / 335cm to be precise) of snowfall giving a current 91 inch (2.3 metre) upper slope base depth – and very deep powder.

“We’re in the flow,” stated Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Vice President of Operations Tim Mason.  He went on to note, “I’m impressed by the virility and sustained nature of this storm cycle, and how our staff have responded to it.  We have worked tirelessly to ensure the parking lots are ploughed, buses are running, and the mountain opens in a timely and safe manner.  Not to mention the skiing has been incredible; this is a January for the record books.”  

The previous biggest first-half-of-January snowfall was two decades ago in 2000 when the resort reported 102 inches (over 2.5 metres) over the two week period.

Of course Jackson Hole is not receiving snowfall in isolation, the whole northwestern corner of North America is seeing very heavy snowfall and in the past week resorts in Washington State have overtaken European areas for the first time this winter to post the deepest bases in the world at present.

Alpental in Washington state currently tops the table with a 4.5 metre (15 foot) base following another two feet (60cm) of snow there in the past few days.