Two giant wooden ski poles have appeared in the giant Austrian Skiwelt region, which connects the ski lifts and slopes of nine villages to create one of Austria and the world’s largest ski areas.

This winter the region will unveil its latest high-speed lift, the brand new Salvistabahn, and as part of the celebrations it has created a new fotopoint featuring the giant poles at the new lifts top station. The station and poles are located at 1565m altitude above the village of Itter on the Kleine Salve mountain, with the bigger of the two poles about 5 metres high.

Work on the poles is not quite complete as well as being something for people to take pictures of themselves in front of it, one of the two poles there will also house the latest generation of panorama webcam at the top and will generate views of the SkiWelt to web pages.

Work on the new Salvistabahn is reported to be on schedule despite the spring lockdown in Austria and the current November lockdown.

The new lift. A gonbdola with cabins for 10 people each, follows the line of the old lift, which dated back to 1989 but then continues for an additional 650 metres up the Kleine Salve for a total length of just over 2.8km.

A new reservoir for snowmaking and a technology centre has also been built a little below the mountain station and at the bottom station the building incorporates a sports shop, ski rental and ski depot and there are improved connections with the ski bus and public bus services and full mobility access .

The Doppelmayr built lift Delivery rate takes 10 minutes to make the ascent carrying up to 2100 people per hour and is due to open at the beginning of the 2020/21 winter season next month.