The team took on board user feedback that the site was great if you knew which mountain destination you had in mind, but harder to use if you were interested in watching several different resorts within a similar driving radius to your home or accommodation. The idea behind MySnow is to have a handy digest of all your favourite resorts, maps and user settings on one page.

Who can have a MySnow Page?

Everyone! If you sign up for snow alerts, upload a photo to our gallery or register an account via our mobile app, you will have a login to the site emailed to you. Premium subscribers automatically get access to an enhanced page (see below). Once in, head over to where you can start adding resorts and maps. Based on your recent browsing history on the site, we’ll even suggest some places you may want to add.

MySnow gathers a wealth of information in one place for your convenience. The main features are as follows:

– Easy to manage list of favourite resorts. We initially suggest resorts we think you’d like based on the recent browsing history and your snow alert settings.

– A “Resort Digest” based on your favourite resorts provides a snapshot of the current snow conditions, past snowfall and weather forecast, all linked to the main pages for easy access.

– A simple to manage panel of map thumbnails linking to your favourite maps.

– “My Photos”: a scrolling panel showing all the photos you’ve uploaded to our snow galleries. – Multiple snow alerts that can be configured and managed.

– Your personal details settings, password, subscription and units settings can also be managed from the page.

– A table of our Global Snow Picks based on snow reports and our forecast conditions.

Your personal Snow Forecast page is completely free, but you can upgrade to become a paying subscriber at any time. Becoming an active member means you will have a rich set of additional features. For example, if your cursor hovers over a summary weather forecast symbol members get to see all the detailed information too, so there is no need to navigate away. This is on top of the many member benefits, full use of our mobile apps and no adverts.

Drop us a line to let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions!