After a brief lull yet another major snow storm is hitting north America’s Pacific Coast. Heavy snowfall is expected but there are also likely to be periods of high wind, freezing rain and low visibility.

It all looks very like the huge storms that impacted California ski areas at the end of 2021, the main difference is that last year the storms were a saviour after months of warm, dry weather, setting the region up for the rest of the 21-22 ski season. This season has been very different with a series of storms hitting Western North America since November. Mammoth (above) is posting the world’s deepest snowpack with over 14 feet (4.2 metres) of snow on its upper slopes.

The forecast means Californian resorts are warning of impacts on the mountain and in resort with many forced to rethink planned New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“The next wave of storms is underway….lots of variations in the weather over the next several days. With the forecasted blizzard on Saturday night, New Year’s Eve fireworks and torchlight parade are cancelled. There will be live music at Cornice Grill from 7-1030pm. Join us for a cheers to the New Years!” a statement from Kirkwood (below) explained.