The Andes mountains of South America are currently enjoying their biggest snowfalls of 2018 so far.

Up to a metre of snow is expected to have fallen ion some slopes in Argentina and Chile by the end of this week.

Portillo has reported one of the biggest accumulations with 54cm (21 inches) in 24 hours yesterday.  It’s still snowing there and significant snowfall is expected throughout the day today.

It now reports its upper slopes snow depth has reached 2 metres, the deepest in the southern hemisphere and the first to hit the 2m mark this winter.

It leapfrogs Turoa on Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand which previously was reporting the deepest base at 1.6m

Fellow Chilean resort Valle Nevado (pictured top) also has an on-going snowstorm, it reported 25cm of fresh snow yesterday and also has snow still falling.

Most other ski areas in South America are reporting heavy snowfall too and temperatures at -5 to -10C.

Nevando en Las Leñas 05/07

¡Así estamos ahora y sigue nevando! ❄⛷🏂❤Seguí la nevada en nuestras cámarasñas #VivílaMejorNieve #Nevando

Gepostet von Las Leñas Resort am Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2018


Ski areas in Argentina, including Las Lenas above, are reporting 15-30cm accumulations so far with the snowfall expected to continue in to Saturday.

The snow has brought low visibility conditions to the mountains, but it is expected to clear at the weekend bringing potentially epic powder snow potential.

Almost all of the ski areas in South America are now open for 2018 but Chile’s Chapa Verde opens this weekend.  It’s pictured below earlier this week before the snowfall started.