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February 15, 2010
pedro from Ski Spain Spain
Hello, sorry my English, you can´t ski because it is forbidden on Mount Teide. Is a national park, not for a little snow. In winter in Teide is normal, very icy, no snow, but sometimes is possible a heavy falls snow with 2 or 3 meter of snow or more.
November 21, 2006
Someguy from Ski Japan Japan
THERE IS NO RESORT IN PICO DE TEIDE. When I saw the resort I was really surprised as I know Tenerife has a very very mild climate. You can't even ski/ride back-country in Teide as there's very little snow and most of it is ice anyway. Most of the year there isn't ice or snow either.
February 20, 2004
Finn Spurre Pedersen from Ski Denmark Denmark
On February 18th 2004 my wife Britt (49) and I climbed the vulcano Teide. We started off from the usual parking area at the 40 kms mark on the Canadas road, hiking steadily upwards past the Huevos (Teide Eggs) to the Refugio Bellavista hut (closed for the season). The weather was superb. We missed a bend on the not clearly laid-out path and ended scramling across fields of huge lava boulders. We kept the main direction (i.e. upwards) and ended up being reunited with the main path well before reaching the top of the cableway. Thin air was clearly felt from 3000 metres upwards. Having obtained permission in Santa Cruz a few days earlier we were permitted through the 'magic gate' and onto the path leading to the very summit. A breathtaking experience, literally spoken as well as in terms of quality. We spent quite some time on the sunny peaks surrounding the crater and ended up taking the cable cabin back down. The entire tour is highly recommendable and requires a reasonable amount of stamina, a passion for heights and definitely a fair portion of luck regarding weather conditions.