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Visitor reviews for Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Ski Resort

March 28, 2018
Ralph from Ski Colombia Colombia
This is the perfect ski-touring mountain. Attach your skis to your backpack on the beach (don't forget a tent and food) and hike up for about a week until you find some snow around 5000m. Be aware that you will walk through jungle for a long time (a machete comes in handy) and that the indigenous population might not want you there. After all, the mountain is of some spiritual importance to them. Skin-up once you reach the glaciated and heavily crevassed terrain. There are a number of short (first) descends possible that will blow your mind. Consider spending a few days on the foot of the glacier. Once you are done, pack up again and relax on the nearby beaches after hiking down for 3-4 days.
January 25, 2018
alberto from Ski Spain Spain
Es un paisaje unico, es una montaña de nieves perpetuas, hicimos una visita a una comunidad que se denomina los Taironas, la ciudad perdida, con terrazas milenarias y la comunidad de esta cultura visten todos de blanco tanto hombres como mujeres, es un remanzo de paz.
January 20, 2014
dr tanaka from Ski Colombia Colombia
This is not even a ski resort. The closest airport is Santa Marta. As far as I know, there have been very few people up there, as the indigenous indians surrounding the mountain do not let anybody go up. As far as I know, the only way to ski this would be to go in by helicopter, and if you did this, you could possibly be the first person to ski here.
July 01, 2011
gabriel from Ski Brazil Brazil
Really, nearest airport is in SantaMarta. But I believe that is not easy to go there (mountain), if you want more information contact any hotel. Santamarta is a beautiful city, you can see the mountain of any point of the city.
April 10, 2011
Bozorgzadegan Abbas from Ski Iran Iran
Is there anybody to write more detail about Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ski resort? The tracks conditions, total length, equipment and facilities, available transportation to get there from capital, and so on so forth please.