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  • April 27, 2012
    from United Kingdom

    Just returned from a trip around northern Scandinavia that included 3 days skiing/boarding at Riksgransen. Conditions in mid-late April were fantastic, no queues, facilities (loos, cafes) are limited but adequate. None of the groomed runs are really steep but they are interesting (they are not straight runs, and have many camber changes) so do offer some challenges for intermediate skiers. The resort comes into its own for off-piste skiing, which is extensive and it's the off-piste that seems to draw most people there. There is heli-skiing and helicopter sight seeing tours. Riksgransen is not a town/village - there is really not a lot there apart from the skiing and one hotel/restaurant and a few cafes. For those looking for a typical family skiing holiday resort, Riksgransen is probably not it, but for keen skiers/boarders looking for some seriously good snow, a late season, and in a fantastic setting then it is worth a visit.

  • December 26, 2010
    from Netherlands


    Closest airport of Riksgransen is not Stockholm but Kiruna (Swedish Lapland) with a direct flight from Stockholm. From here you can take a direct train to Riksgransen.

    Another option is to fly to Narvik (Norway) via Oslo and take the (direct) train to Riksgransen.

    All other comments are true: a great place to ski/board :-)

  • April 01, 2008
    from Sweden

    Riksgränsen is by far the best resort in Sweden for free riding, both on skis and snowboard. I would say that the resort profile on this page is severely wrong when stating that the mountain wouldn't appeal to an expert skier. Sure there 'aint much steep groomers but the inbounds off-piste terrain on the front side of the mountain is sick, steep and littered with cliffs. The backside is more mellow with longer and more open runs. There is also seriuos hike-to terrain on Nordalsfjäll, the venue of the Scandinavian Free skiing Championships, with steep (up to 55 degrees,long runs and cliffs up to 60 feet. Riksgränsen is also one of the resorts, in Sweden, that receives the most snow.

    [Editors note: Thank you for your comments. I have now altered the text in the notes to provide a more honest profile.]

  • December 20, 2005
    from Sweden

    Riksgränsen definately offers the best skiing conditions in Sweden! If you haven't visited Riksgränsen yet, I strongly recommend you to do so! Great off pist skiing as well as good skiing in pists. However, I feel that Riksgränsen is not the ideal choice for inexperienced skiiers and children - they will probably have a better time skiing in (for example) Hemavan-Tärnaby.

    I've been to Riksgränsen numerous times and I'm going back again in March. I'm soooo looking forward to it!!!

  • December 18, 2005
    from Sweden

    This is the best ski resort in Sweden. The only bad thing about it is that it is far away up north. I love it because of the snow, and that there isn't any queue at the lifts. It has everything you need for a weeks stay, like supermarket, pubs, restaurants etc..I was there in March 2004 and I will be there again in February 2006.


  • October 26, 2005
    from Sweden

    Riksgränsen is the most northerly ski resort in the world! The pists, slopes, light and wide open spaces here are well known. Even though it's some 500 km's away from the Tärna mountains , It's part of the Tärnaby-Hemavan ski resort companies. This means you can by your season pass in Tärnaby to cover Tärnaby-Hemavan & Riksgransen. So the season starts in Tärnaby at the end of October/ early November and Finishes in Rikgransen about the 19th June ! You work it out ... that's a lot of weeks ski'ing or boarding !
    The ski lifts at Riksgränsen are close to the hotel and take you to a choice of 34 different decents. offpist options, peak trips that give you a thrill, Midnight Sun-skiing that remains a memory for ever and some wonderful heli-skiing.
    Tip. Start Tärnaby/Hemavan ( )in February until late April and and then head North to Riksgransen ( ) for May and June!