Following the successful descent of K2 on skis for the first time earlier this year, the planet’s 4th highest peak Lhoste, is reported to have also been finally skied from the top on Sunday.

Americans James White Morrison and Hilaree Nelson are reported to have made the summit of the  of the 8,516-metre mountain shortly before 1:27pm yesterday afternoon before beginning a vertical descent of around 2000 metres, according to local reports.#

The top part of Lhoste has a long couloir known as The Dream Line which descends for nearly 1000 vertical metres. About three quarters of this had been skied previously, but never from the top.

Nelson and Morrison are reported to have successfully skied down to Camp II where they are now resting.

The duo were accompanied by cinematographers from Teton Gravity research who reported the push to the top and ski descent took around 17 hours.