World Snow Day will be back next weekend for its eighth annual staging on Sunday, January 20th, 2019.

The worldwide event co-ordinated by the International Ski Federation (FIS) is simply a celebration of snowsports and fun and is particularly targeted at families and children.

Ski resorts, regions and in some cases entire snowsports nations take part with a big mixture of fun events and incentives such as free or heavily discounted children’s or beginner ski and snowboard lessons on the day.  2019 will see 469 events in 45 countries.

FIS President Gian Franco Kasper remarked, “once again World Snow Day has exceeded 400 events. This is great achievement and testament to how important children and families are to snow sports.”

Looking at the events, World Snow Day 2019 will see a wide array of activities in various locations including urban locations bringing snowsports in to the cities.

Some of the standouts include 112 events throughout China, over 50 ski and snowboard schools with free lessons for children throughout Poland, seven events in the southern hemisphere in South Africa, Peru and Brazil, free or heavily discounted lift passes throughout Austria, free ski and snowboard lessons throughout the Engadin valley in Switzerland, a kid’s snow festivals in Stockholm (SWE), Tallin (EST) and Ulaanbaatar central park (MGL).

Find out about celebrations taking place near to you at the world snow day website.

“Organisers understand how busy parents are. World Snow Day events make it easy for them to go out and enjoy snow sports” said Andrew Cholinski who coordinates the FIS’s ‘Bring Children to the Snow’.