Work’s on the world’s highest ‘tri-cable’ or ‘3S’ lift has resumed above Zermatt for the second summer.

The new lift, which will offer an additional way of reaching the year-round skiing area known as the ‘Matterhorn Glacier Paradise’ besides the existing cabled car, is due to open for winter 2018-19.

Work commenced last year and, due to the high altitude and exposed nature of the site, the lift is being built during 100 day ‘weather windows’ each spring and summer over three years.

Ascending to 3,883m (12,740 feet) above sea level, the tricable’s 25 modern Pininfarina cabins will have 28 seats each.

The new gondola lift will make the journey up to the Matterhorn glacier paradise significantly more comfortable and faster. It is also much less susceptible to wind than the existing lift, which will continue to run after the new lift opens, raising capacity to the highest cable car station in Europe by 2,000 visitors per hour.

The new lift will also substantially improve the ski resort link-up between Italy and Zermatt as of winter 2018/2019.