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Whistler Skiers Petition To Make Vaccine Certificate To Ride Lifts Mandatory

Canada appears to have the most fragmented picture of the major ski nations in terms of what one resort requires skiers to do in terms of pandemic safety and what neighbouring areas require.

Some resorts in Alberta and BC are requiring all skiers and boarders over 12 years old to show proof that they are fully vaccinated or they’re not allowed on the lifts.  Others will allow people to ski if they are not vaccinated but have a recent negative test. On the East Coast the 75 members of the Quebec ski resorts association have all said they will only allow fully vaccinated skiers on their slopes.

In some cases the resorts are making the decision because only allowing fully vaccinated skiers on their slopes means they can operate at capacity, rather than with limits on numbers if they don’t, but these rules vary between provinces.

Crystal-Rose Lee and Sophie Lechasseur on Whistler Mountain.

In British Columbia’s North America’s largest ski area, Whistler Blackcomb, won’t require skiers to be fully vaccinated but the resort with North America’s biggest lift-served vertical, Revelstoke, will.

Whistler was forced to close last season early due to a major virus outbreak in the spring. The resort’s decision has led to an online petition calling on the company to reverse their decision and only allow fully vaccinated skiers on the slopes which has attracted around 10,000 signatures. The petition calls on BC’s health boss to make the rules on requiring vaccine certificates mandatory, not voluntary. 

Whistler mayor is reported to be supportive of requiring evidence of full vaccination for everyone using lifts, but the ski areas operator Vail Resorts has so far resisted this.

Interviewed by media, BC health bosses said they had seen no evidence of transmission on lifts, including in goals, last winter, when few people were vaccinated.

Most of the resorts that have decided not to make having the vaccine mandatory say they still have other measures like mask wearing in place and that they do urge all visitors to get vaccinated.

In most cases evidence of vaccination is required to enter indoor public buildings like restaurants.

It is also a requirement to be fully vaccinated to enter Canada and to board most internal flights so resorts and health officials believe the percentage of people on the slopes likely to be vaccinated even at resorts where it is not a requirement will be higher than the national average.

  1. Baz

    14th November 2021 5:15 pm

    And the full on mask hysteria continues unabated in Canada…. Sad stuff. People really have no concept of how this is actually going. Firstly, having the vaccines does not stop you from spreading this disease. Secondly, the vaccines do not stop you catching COVID. Thirdly, being infected and getting better yourself without vaccination is actually more effective than the vaccines in terms of the quality of your immunity post infection. Fourthly, If you’re under 40 your chances of serious disease are infinitesimally low. And fifthly, if you are vaccinated you are as safe as you can be without catching the disease and developing natural immunity to the wild type variant of choice in your areas currently….. so what are you worried about…. not to mention chances of catching something on a chairlift are extremely low…. if you’re that worried/hysterical don’t get on a bubble or cable car, problem solved apart from when you get back to your chalet and have dinner with the 20 or 30 other people that night….. maybe you just need to get full helmet diving gear on to prevent you having to breath the same air as everyone else…..

  2. Baz

    15th November 2021 3:02 pm

    And let’s hear it for Austria!!! Way to go. Lockdown the young and healthy and drive a massive wedge down the middle of your population to help demonise them for choosing not to have an experimental treatment….. that most of them probably don’t need anyway. I am really struggling to recall, maybe someone can help me out… Did anyone from Austria ever love taking people’s freedoms away and perhaps demonise them for not following their chosen doctrine? I can see some little friendly identification symbol coming to the arms of the young unvaccinated in Austria to help keep the vaccinated “safe”….. You couldn’t make this stuff up, why pray tell do you need to worry about whether anyone is vaccinated or not if you’ve had your jabs??? It really makes the people who are not convinced about the vaccine safety and efficacy develop even more reservations about it, because you’re basically saying the vaccines don’t actually protect anyone, when they do to a decent extent. All this from the EU, who brought you the convention on human rights…. like which one, the right to chose what you get shot up with? And I’m not advocating anti-tax, just freedom.

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