Western US Resorts Reflect on Huge Jan 2023 Snow Totals

Western US Resorts Reflect on Huge Jan 2023 Snow Totals

Ski areas along the US West Coast and in the Rockies have been reflecting on their total snow stats for January.

Some are reporting their most snowfall in the first half of the season for 18 years, other that they’ve already overtaken the total snowfall for all of last season, still more that it was the second snowiest January in the past two decades.

In a “Janu-BURIED 2023 Recap” piece, The Palisades at Tahoe (pictured throughout), now California’s largest ski area, reported they’d received 14+ feet (over 4.2 metres) of snow in January taking their season total of 369 inches and counting and close to their average season snowfall of 400” with over four months of winter remaining.

“The massive snowfall amount in January allowed us to open 100% of our terrain including Silverado,” the statement continued, saying it was their second snowiest January of the past two decades.

All the snowfall has caused resorts operating issues with storm force winds, high avalanche danger, increased tree well risk, blocked roads and buried lifts among the issues all the snowfall creates.

“Our crews worked hard on the mountain and in the base areas to provide an amazing month of skiing,” The Palisades article continues.

It’s very different to last winter which saw a mostly dry January (and entire season) after intense snowfall in the final week of December 2021.

Ski areas in California in Utah have  scored the biggest numbers. Mammoth Mountain has the world’s deepest reported snow with over 4 metres (nearly 14 feet) lying at its base and over 6 metres (20 feet) up top. Fellow California ski area Sierra at Tahoe is in second place with Alta in Utah in third.