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U.S. Edges Closer to Allowing in Unvaccinated Skiers

The United States is currently open to tourists from all over the world, but unusually among major nations, it is still required for non-US citizens to prove they are vaccinated against Covid-19 to be allowed to enter the country.

However the US House of Representatives has now passed a bill that would remove this requirement, however the bill still needs to successfully pass through the Senate and also receive President Biden’s approval.

There appears to be some politics at play with the measure to end the requirement introduced by the Republicans, although seven Democrats joined the 3/5 majority vote in favour of dropping the vaccination requirement on arrivals by air.

It is unclear how soon the bill will be heart by the senate and whether President Biden would approve it into legislation if it passes there.

  1. Wendy

    17th March 2023 10:13 am

    Drop the restrictions. President biden your living jn the dark ages now let people get on with their lives and plan much needed holidays

    • Ron Vanier

      20th March 2023 8:27 pm

      You allow unvaccinated to cross your southern border and do not allow unvaccinated with money to enter your northern borders.
      Seems right doesn’t it?

  2. Cathy

    18th March 2023 4:23 pm

    I can’t believe the USA are still clinging onto these now outdated regulations. Biden is on another planet completely! In fact, I can’t believe he is still in position. Anyone can see he is struggling with dementia or similar poor chap! It must be damaging their countries tourist industry massively!

  3. Chris

    21st March 2023 9:48 pm

    I pray and trust that God will intervene in touching the heart of the President to signed the bill I am longing to see my family.

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