As ski areas around the world struggle to find ways to keep the revenue coming in and convince people it is worth investing in season passes when it’s not yet clear what’s going to be open next winter, the Swiss resort of Arosa has hit on a voucher campaign, and it is proving popular.

The idea is simple – the buyer purchases a voucher for use on a stay in Arosa when things return to normal again (or something more like it). As an incentive and a bonus, the resort adds 10% to the value of the voucher.

“For example, if someone buys a voucher for CHF 1,000, they will receive a voucher of CHF 1,100. On the one hand, this bonus is a thank you for choosing Arosa to the voucher buyer, on the other hand, the value forms part of the Covid 19 aid package to the company’s own businesses and the local economy in Arosa,” a resort spokesperson explained.

The resort reports voucher sales reached one million Francs six days after its launch. 

The vouchers are part of a three-stage campaign designed to both boost morale in Arosa (pictured below in wintertime) and give people in lockdown anywhere the chance to ‘dream’ of a future holiday once they are free to travel again.  The final stage of the campaign will be direct offers from Arosa businesses to holiday makers once they are able to encourage visits again.

Rhaetische Bahn Credit: Keller