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Snowstorm Totals Mount At Locked-Down Aussie Ski Areas

Several ski areas in the Australian state of Victoria have now reported more than 135cm (4.5 feet) of snowfall accumulating in the 10 days since the state went into its fifth lockdown and they were ordered to close.  The state’s government is hoping to stop small outbreaks of the Delta variant there.

Ironically the snow started falling just as the lockdown was declared, with the resorts previously only able to open limited terrain to first six weeks of the season as there had not been much snowfall up to that point.

The initial lockdown was announced to last Tuesday but has now been extended top next Tuesday and may be extended again. Ski areas in Victoria say they will reopen as soon as they are allowed to.

(Mt Hotham pictured top, Falls Creek above, Perisher below, Mt Buller bottom)

There’s been lots of snowfall too over the state border in New South Wales. Here ski areas like Perisher and Thredbo have been celebrating powder conditions, but for a change since the first lockdown in 2020, have plenty of availability, even with pandemic limitations on numbers, because as well as Victoria being shut off, so too is the country’s largest city of Sydney, meaning there are only a certain number of Aussies that can make it to the slopes.

The much-heralded vaccine-free travel bubble with New Zealand is also temporarily closed due to the pandemic spike.  In more irony however, Aussies usually head to New Zealand for a better chance of snow, but this season Australian ski areas have had much more snowfall that centres in New Zealand so far this season.

The snow is expected to keep falling in Australia for at least another week meaning 2 metre (6-7 foot) plus totals over the fortnight are possible.

The country is enjoying by far the best conditions in the southern hemisphere with New Zealand seeing gradually improving conditions after a warm and sometimes wet June and South America suffering a very dry winter which has left the slopes bare so far at several areas including Las Lenas in Argentina. Most resorts are open there though, just with thin cover and limited terrain open so far.

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  1. Baz

    29th July 2021 2:25 pm

    Well, let’s face it this will also be the story next season in Australia, and every year thereafter with one death being enough to precipitate a national lockdown – utterly mental. Their vaccine program is going rather slowly and there are quite a few people that are not interested in having it. This attitude is much more prevalent in the younger age ranges, which are also the majority of people going skiing. Which is the same story in France. You’d have to wonder if there will be much much more of the same in both places as a result. Just look at the current situation, if you’re vaccinated currently in the UK you still cannot travel to France without all the usual rubbish of testing before being “allowed” to travel, then being tested before being “allowed” to return the UK, then being quarantined on return to the UK for 10 days, with guess what, that’s right the need for yet more testing when you’re in quarantine. Sadly not enough people seem to want to fight against this rubbish. Its almost as if people no longer want to be free. I mean what’s wrong with being asked to prove your status all the time, lots of reasonable countries do this to their citizens all the time…. even when you’ve been a good little citizen and got vaccinated, get your passport and identity papers out??? I told you all last year to be worried about all of this, and I was informed I was somehow being over the top about this. Give them an inch and they’ve taken many many miles, in the name of safety. And isn’t that the best part of life, being all cosy and safe. Stay home, stay safe everyone….. and don’t be “selfish” and want to have one of them life things. Brilliant.

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