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Snowsports Charity Running Virtual Auction on 4th of July

The Ellie Soutter Foundation is staging a virtual auction, this Saturday, July 4th, 2020.

The charity, which is dedicated to supporting talented young people in snow sports, will stream the auction live from the French Alps on Saturday 4th July between 4:30-7:30pm CET.

Items available to bid for include a holiday in Thailand, game fishing in Portugal, a pair of limited-edition skis, a 3-night B&B stay in Morzine and much more.

The online auction is already live now and will close at 7pm CET on Saturday 4th July, to bid simply follow this link.

There is also a raffle featuring a whole host of amazing prizes to be won, including: ski lessons with LGS Snowsports tuition, a pair of Summit goggles and a day trip to Annecy, all of which can be won for only a 5€ ticket!

Simply follow the Foundation on Facebook or Instagram to join in with the raffle and make sure you don’t miss out on bagging yourself a brilliant prize. 

All of the funds raised will go towards The Ellie Soutter Foundation’s commitment to supporting promising ski and snowboard athletes, both financially and mentally to help them fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams.

Ellie Soutter was one of the most progressive Junior Female Snowboard Athletes of Great Britain and  became Vice Champion of the world in the Junior Freeride World Tour in 2017. She was winner of a Bronze medal for Team GB at the 2017 European Youth Olympics and was tipped to be one of GBs strongest contenders for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

But as a junior athlete coming from a family without substantial wealth, Ellie often had to miss out on competing and training through lack of funds. She felt and understood the constant pressure to obtain the necessary funds for her training and events. She took her own life on her 18th birthday.

Ellie’s family then decided to form The Ellie Soutter Foundation in her memory to help and assist other young winter athletes in similar circumstances. The foundation’s aim is to help young athletes at all levels with funding for their journeys and ensure they receive the kind of support and training that can help identify mental health issues that can arise from the pressures they are often placed under and help prevent the situation that ultimately led to Ellie taking her own life.

All images courtesy of the Ellie Soutter foundation.

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  1. Ros Lechte

    6th July 2020 3:57 am

    This is the first l have heard of this young lady. How very tragic. Of course it is always extremely sad when a young person takes their own life.

    It is so often missed, the extreme pain they are experiencing. I know first hand unfortunately. Too many funerals for such bright young futures.

    Yes it is great that her parents have set up this foundation. Young people in this and any sport need both financial and phychological support in order to compete to their fullest potential without the added guilt and pressure associated with essential money. It is vital to support them in pursuance of their, their parents and country’s dream. It is hard to fathom the extreme pressure to mentally hold up.

    To me it is pretty bloody obvious that this is too much for any kid to handle without A LOT mental, physical and financial help. The last pressure they need is the guilt associated with money. you don’t have to be intuative to realise that. It makes me both angry and sad.

    To be honest this type of support should have been in place for all up and coming sports people so bloody long ago. Too late for young Ellie and many other amazing young people.

    This desperately needed support is a no brainer and the red flag has been waving for way too long. The people with the ability to make all the difference and responsibility to make it happen are too blind to see it. It is ridiculous that it has slipped through the gaps for so long.
    It should have come about and the need recognised many decades ago. It’s pretty bloody obvious!

    It is a shame so many kids have to die from the mental strain and pressure before something so simple and doable is established.

    I cannot imagine the pain and guilt Ellie’s parents must feel.

    Our children are our everything. Support and love them unconditionally.

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