Luxury Ski Chalet operator Consensio recently released a report combining data from a wide range of ski operators that gives and interesting insight into the state of the industry – especially from the point of view of French and Swiss ski resorts. Some of the key findings include:

Val d’Isere remains the resort of choice in France with over 30% of the market votes
Verbier remains the most popular resort of choice in Switzerland, with Zermatt following a close second. According to the report, chalets were more popular than hotels with an overwhelming majority of 81%, however this particular statistic does seem to contradict other reports that say hotels are more popular.


What are the most popular ski resorts in France and Switzerland?

What proportion of ski holidaymakers choose chalet vs hotel / catered vs non-catered?

Aside from lift passes and ski hire, what are the other most expensive outlays on a skiing holiday?

Don’t forget that as a member of, you qualify for extra discount on pre-booking your ski hire with us. The most expenditure after these two obvious categories is private guides, ski school and childcare. Massage comes in above A la carte wine, and we highly recommend our friends at

What is the preferred method of travel for going on a ski holiday?

We weren’t surprised to see that scheduled airlines come in top, but who’d have thought that private jet beats the train by 2%!

What’s the most popular airline for ski holidays?

When do most people book their ski holiday?

The graphic below gives an indication of ski holiday booking patterns, though in conversation with other businesses in the industry, there’s a steady increase in late booking, DIY trips.

Which factors most influence the choice of ski holiday booking?

We hope that in addition to the factors below, the wealth of information on including historical snow info and our extensive resort reviews will help with choice of snow. If you are planning to go lastminute, check out our snow overview pages.

What impact does snowfall have on ski holiday bookings?

Surprisingly 46% of holiday bookings are not impacted by snowfall! Sign up for our free snow alerts and get notifications when new snow is forecast, or reported in your favourite resorts.

What was the makeup of people booking ski holidays for 2015/16?

Who are the top nationalities who book luxury chalet holidays in France and Switzerland?

We’d love to hear your comments in the section below with regards your experiences of meeting other fellow skiers from other countries in European resorts. We were surprised to hear recently that Canadians can find cheaper holidays in the Alps compared to back home.