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Resorts & Countries Insist Ski Area Staff Are All Fully Vaccinated

An increasing number of individual resorts and entire countries have announced that all employees at ski areas must be fully vaccinated against COVID 19 in order to be able to work this winter.

In Canada and the US a growing number of individual resorts and resort groups, including the largest, Vail Resorts, have now mandated that stuff must be fully vaccinated in order to work there this winter. 

In Canada ski areas around Banff have announced similar rules and Whistler is owned by Vail so the rule applies there too.

In Europe, Italy has included that requirement in a list of rules agreed to allow ski area to re-open there this winter after being closed last season. All resort staff here will also be required to wear surgical quality masks.

The new Italian rules also state that draglifts and chairlifts can run at full capacity but there’ll be an 80% capacity on enclosed lifts like cable cars.  Social distancing must also be maintained and measures such as online purchasing and protective screens in ticket offices will be the norm.

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  1. Baz

    25th September 2021 5:54 pm

    Seriously, the level of crazy overreaction around this disease knows absolutely no end does it. Whether or not the person next to you is vaccinated makes no difference at all to you if you are vaccinated. So the hysteria around forcing everyone to get a vaccination, many of whom do not need a vaccine is utterly idiotic, not to mention a waste of a resource that could be put to better use elsewhere in the elderly and or infirm of third world countries.

    The reason I say that it makes no difference is two fold:
    1. It makes no difference to you as you are as protected as you can be and are highly unlikely to get severe illness if you have been vaccinated. I would imagine that most skiers probably have taken this up. Not to mention that the best thing for everyone that is vaccinated to do is get out and catch covid now while the vaccines are providing a good standard of protection from severe illness caused by the current wild type viral strains. This way your level of immunity to the wild type strains will improve your levels of future protection to this pathogen.
    2. The only person that is more at risk is the person that has not been vaccinated assuming they are old and infirm (and seasonal workers typically are much younger and not at risk anyway)…

    Sadly we tuned out from sanity FM in about March last year and the utter idiocy of Nudge Theory steering of public opinions and fear mongering has led us to where we are now…. hysteria about the disease, and hysteria about the vaccines…. absolutely bonkers….

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