Passo Stevio, Italy’s and the Alps’ sole summer ski only ski area, has announced it will open for its 2022 season on Friday May 27th this year.

The high altitude centre is used by international race teams for summer training and although its season dates are unusual in the northern hemisphere – from late May to the end of October – it actually has one of the world’s longer ski seasons, over five months.

The centre has about 9km of ski runs served by six lifts and offers public skiing and boarding as well as team training. Ski guiding, touring and tuition are all available through what the centre has deemed The University of Skiing.

Stelvio was the first centre to re-open after Italy’s first lockdown in 2020 and made kit through most of its 2020 season, just losing the last few days at the end of October when the second lockdown was announced. It then operated through most of its 2021 season too, that time forced to close for a period by hot summer weather in the Alps melting snow cover, but despite this because of kits season dates it has been the Italian ski area least impacted by pandemic lockdowns.

There are around half-a-dozen other ‘summer only’ ski areas in the northern hemisphere located in Norway, Japan and the USA but none has as long a season as Passo Stelvio.