Norway’s Stryn glacier summerski area will end its very short 2021 season this Sunday by staging the Norwegian 2021 Monoski Championships.

The resort only opened for its 2021 season less than a month ago, on May 27th, but says that recent strong winds and rain have so severely impacted its snow cover it will be forced to close much earlier than expected for the season.

“The snow disappears at record speed,” confirmed a ski area spokesperson.

In fact the bad weather has led to it closing from Monday to Wednesday this week, but it hopes to open from Thursday through to Sunday and there’s good weather forecast for the weekend.


To bring a bit of cheer for the early final day of the 3-week 2021 ski season, Stryn will stage Norway’s National Monoski Championships on Sunday.

“We love this group who create so much joy around them,” the Stryn spokesperson added.

Norway’s other two glacier ski areas at Fonna and Galdhøpiggen remain open.