North America Weekly Roundup #248

(Updated 3 July 2024) A comprehensive review of snow conditions, weather, and updates for North America's winter sports destinations.

North America Weekly Roundup #248
Timberline, Oregon, USA

Sommet St. Sauveur Wraps Up Six-Day Summer Terrain Park Event

  • Timberline on Mt. Hood, Oregon, is the only North American resort with lift-accessed skiing currently available, with hopes to stay open into August.
  • Copper Mountain in Colorado offers a public hike-to terrain park on weekends, while Sommet St. Sauveur in Quebec briefly operated a summer terrain park last week.
  • Oregon's forecast is for mostly sunny skies with temperatures dropping just above freezing overnight, providing the best skiing conditions early in the morning.


Timberline (6/94” / 15/235cm) on Mt. Hood in Oregon is the only center with lift-accessed skiing available in North America at present. Its base has been thawing fairly fast, with temperatures getting into the 50s, but it will hopefully have enough snow left, and temperatures should remain cold enough for it to stay open into August, as is its usual norm these days. There are a few miles of runs, some of them reserved for race team training, and terrain park features too. Speaking of terrain parks, Copper in Colorado continues to maintain a hike-to terrain park, open to the public from Fridays to Sundays. There has, this past week only, been a lift-accessed terrain park open at Sommet St. Sauveur in Quebec, Eastern Canada, but it just closed again after its scheduled six-days-only summer operation.


Mostly sunny skies are expected to continue in Oregon. Temperatures will still drop down to just a degree or two above freezing on the Palmer snowfield at Timberline overnight, but daytime highs will be well into the 40s, potentially low 50s, so the best conditions, as usual, are in the early morning.

USA snow forecast for the next 3-6 days.