Europe Weekly Roundup #248

(Updated 3 July 2024) A comprehensive review of snow conditions, weather, and updates for Europe's winter sports destinations.

Europe Weekly Roundup #248
Val d'Isère, France: 28 June 2024.

Hintertux Leads with Most Open Terrain in the Northern Hemisphere Despite Melting Snow

  • Les 2 Alpes and Val d'Isere in France will end their summer ski seasons this weekend, while Saas Fee in Switzerland will begin its summer ski season.
  • Hintertux in Austria has the most terrain open in the northern hemisphere with 20km of runs, despite a significant snow depth reduction.
  • Scandinavia's Fonna and Galdhopiggen continue operations, although warmer temperatures have caused noticeable snow depth drops.


There are changes in the areas open in the Alps coming up this weekend, with two of the three French areas currently open – Les 2 Alpes and Val d'Isere – expected to end their summer ski seasons, while Saas Fee in Switzerland should be opening for its summer ski season, which continues right through to next winter. In some ways, it could be considered the first to open for the 24-25 ski season. Meanwhile, further north in Scandinavia, the two Norwegian glacier summer ski areas are also open, so from next weekend, we'll have a choice of seven glacier ski areas open in Europe across five countries. There are, of course, dozens of indoor snow options too, some of the larger ones in France, Germany, and the Netherlands almost offering as much snow to ski as the smaller glacier areas as we approach the height of summer.


The summer heat is starting to make its mark on reported snow depths in the Alps for really the first time this year, after a mostly cold and snowy spring at altitude and even fresh snowfall in the last week for some. Some resorts are also continuing to clear up after the severe storm damage that was particularly focused in an area including CerviniaSaas FeeZermatt, and Les 2 Alpes just over a week ago. Hintertux (0/325cm / 0/130”), the only area open in Austria, has reported a 75cm (30”) drop in its snow depth over the past few weeks. It is posting the most terrain currently open in the northern hemisphere, with 20km (13 miles) of runs available. The days have been largely clear, with cold mornings, but clouds bubbling up later and light snowfall some evenings. The snowline has mostly been between 3000 and 4000 meters altitude, with temperatures on glaciers in the -5 to +5C range. Temperatures have reached +10C on glaciers at times this past week. Les 2 Alpes (0/395cm / 0/158”) and Val d’Isere (0/400cm / 0/160”), each with 4-5km (approximately 3 miles) of slopes open, are both expected to end their 2024 summer ski seasons this weekend. Recently opened Tignes (0/400cm / 0/160”), with 6km (approximately 4 miles) of summer slopes currently available, will then be the only French area still open for skiing. In Switzerland, the year-round glacier slopes at Zermatt (0/150cm / 0/60") have also reopened after the region was hit by severe storms just over a week ago. There are 12km (7 miles) of runs available. Its neighbor Saas Fee is due to open for summer skiing this coming weekend. Zermatt’s glacier is also accessible from Cervinia in Italy, where Passo Stelvio (80/230cm / 32/92”) remains open with 5km (3 miles) of slopes available.


Mostly dry and sunny weather is expected, with temperatures a little cooler than they have been, typically in the -2 to +5C range at 3,000m altitudes. There's a chance of some light snow/sleet/rain showers bubbling up. Valley highs may touch +25C.

Alps snow forecast for the next 3 days.


The two small Norwegian ski areas Fonna (300/300 / 120/120”) and Galdhopiggen (40/180cm / 16/72”) continue their operations. Snow depths have been dropping, dramatically at Fonna, and by about 10% at Scandinavia’s highest ski area, after its stats increased last month. That’s probably due to temperatures reaching double digits above freezing in the afternoons over the past week. But each still has about 4km (2.5 miles) of slopes and terrain park features. The weather has been a familiar mix of rain, sleet, and snow showers between sunny spells. About 60 telemarkers were in Fonna over the weekend and the start of this week for a special Telemark summer camp.


It’s looking cooler than it has been of late for the week ahead. Temperatures will be closer to freezing and dropping back below zero by a degree or two overnight. Light snow showers are expected, along with sunny, dry spells. 

Scandinavia snow forecast for the next 3 days.