The Austrian ski area of Axamer Lizum on the Innsbruck area ski pass in Tirol is installing a new gondola system next winter and has plans to build a hydro-electric system that will cover its electricity needs.

The new hydroelectric power plant to be built on the Axamer Bach river near Axams will generate so much clean green electricity – 3.83 gigawatts – that it should cover all of the centre’s electricity needs.

The new 10-seater gondola will be in operation from next winter of 2022/23, replacing three old lifts, the Schönboden and Hoadl I+II chairlifts, one of which dates back to 1969.

The new Hoadlbahn gondola will feature 75 spacious cabins, each able to carry 10 people up to the ski area’s  summit in just six minutes. The lift’s base building at 1,558m will house ski and rental shops and offices and be located next to bus and car parking.