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New Ethical Coffee & Vegan & Gluten-Free Café Opens in Tignes

A brand-new café in Tignes ticks all the boxes for the ethical-eater with a focus on being both socially and environment-friendly, as well as offering vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food and drink.

The new Oxygène Café is run by instructors Federico Luzuy and Beatrice Davico, from the Oxygene Val d’Isère team who know Tignes and the people well having lived and worked in the area. Their ambition was to open their own ski school, with a café, in neighbouring Tignes and that dream has now become reality.

Federico and Beatrice have partnered with Caffè Vergnano, a socially and environmentally-friendly Italian brand that supports coffee projects run by women. In 2018, they launched the Women In Coffee programme in partnership with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. Their mission is to support coffee projects (at all stages: plantation, production & export) run by women, so they can be economically independent.

“We are proud to be the first café supporting them in France in Tignes!” said Federico and Beatrice, adding “We don’t just sell any old coffee…”

Tignes is one of two new resorts where Oxygene is opening snowsports schools this wiunter, the other being Serre Chevalier. It means they now offer 14 destinations across the French Alps, all with their unique teaching style and native English speaking instructors.

“Our new café in Tignes has opened already and we’re proud to be the first associated café in France partnered with ethical coffee brand, Caffè Vergnano. Both teams of instructors have come from the Oxygene family, out of Val d’Isère, and are now taking our brand to new resorts. We’re really looking forward to welcoming everyone back this winter,” said Julien Favre, Oxygene Director.

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  1. Baz

    14th September 2021 4:30 pm

    I wish them the best of luck, but with the current trend of hysteria and OTT reactions to travellers from the UK being able to actually travel without the need for onerous testing before travel and in order to return, then also on return, you’d have to say there will again be not much travel from the UK. If the UK Gov doesn’t get in step with the rest of the EU on no testing for vaccinated people to travel freely again, the holiday sector will be taking another battering this winter. It does massively undermine their get vaccinated mantra when it makes little to no difference to your freedom if you do get the vaccine. What sort of message does it send if they’re saying basically you’re no better off being vaccinated in terms of risk of disease? But then that has been this whole situation from the start, hysterical knee jerk reactions to something which frankly doesn’t warrant half the measures imposed.
    And again I’ll say it for the record, you give them this much power, and they’ll resist ever giving them away.

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