Ski areas in the Andes are reporting excellent conditions after the region received up to 90cm (three feet) of fresh snow to start the week.

Among the big beneficiaries were Chile’s Valle Nevado, which posted 75cm (30 inches) of fresh snowfall from the storm and the famous ski area of Portillo (pictured above and below) which reported 65cm (26”) of snowfall in 24 hours.

Other South American ski areas are reporting base depths as deep as two metres (seven feet) now with lots of fresh Andean powder.

Valle Nevado is one of the ski areas in Chile and Argentina that have not really opened since 2019. Las Lenas is another with Portillo just opening for a few weeks to locals at the end of winter 2021.

Most pandemic travel restrictions to the two countries have now been lifted meaning skiers and boarders from overseas can visit again for the first time in three seasons. Some travel insurance requirements must be met to enter one of the countries though and pandemic restrictions including indoor mask wearing remain in place.