Travel to Canada may currently be very limited or impossible from most parts of the world, including near neighbour the USA, but the snow has started falling and the start of the season is probably less than a fortnight away.

There had been several ‘dustings’ of snow on higher slopes over the past few months, but the past week has seen more significant snowfalls, the heaviest in Alberta where the 20-21 ski season will hopefully begin on Halloween weekend, in a fortnight’s time.

Marmot Basin after 28cm /11″ of Snowfall this Week

Ski areas including Banff’s Sunshine (pictured top) and Lake Louise ski areas as well as Marmot Basin to the north posted images of up to 30cm (12 inch) accumulations and there have been reports of skiers hiking up to make first turns on some mountains in the region.

The cold air and snowfall has been widespread with main states and provinces in Western North America, and the Midwest, reporting at least some snowfall.

Nakiska, which markets itself as the closest ski area to Alberta’s capital Calgary is currently the only centre to name a target opening date in October, on the 30th.  They reported 15cm (6 inches) of snowfall on Wednesday and snowmaking getting underway (pictured below).

Ski areas in Banff and Jasper usually open in the first week or two of November.