There’s been fresh snowfall in the past few days in Europe and North America in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as in South America, Australia and New Zealand.

The most unusual snowfall was in Norway where the Fonna Glacier (pictured top today), one of three currently open for skiing in the country, was closed on Friday 3rd June as 35cm (14 inches) of snow fell, closing the centre’s access road.

It’s not that unusual for fresh snow at any point in the summer on Norwegian glaciers, but it’s less common for it to happen as part of snowfall happening around the world.

Higher slopes in parts of North America have also reported fresh snow although all but Timberline in Oregon are currently closed. Sunshine ski area near Banff in Canada published cam images of fresh light snowfall (above).  

In the Southern Hemisphere ski areas in Chile have reported up to two metres of snowfall over the past few weeks with the latest of the heavy snow in the past 24 hours. Unfortunately no ski areas are able to open there because of the pandemic lockdown.

There’s also been welcome snowfall in Australia in the past 24 hours too, with 10-20cm reported on the country’s slopes and New Zealand ski areas have posted up to 50cm of fresh snowfall.

Mt Lyford is pictured below.