FATMAP APP £2.99 (two weeks); £25.99 (year) www.fatmap.com
Fatmap started off as a tool for freeriders to discover the backcountry terrain at their resort of choice but has since expanded to provide info for summer visitors too (hiking, mountain biking etc.). However, it’s the skiing and boarding we’re interested in…
The app covers most of the world’s major ski areas and is expanding all the time, so the chances are you’ll find your favourite resort featured. It offers info such as clear 3-D maps, details on slope gradient, aspect, altitude and other crucial pieces of terrain information, location sharing so you and your group can stay in touch, route maps of the best off-piste lines and the facility to record your routes.
Despite the focus on freeriding, piste bashers shouldn’t disregard Fatmap as there are also descriptions, locations and guides to every piste in each resort along with information on restaurants, bars, transport and first aid facilities etc., so you’ll find plenty of pertinent information even if you have no intention of venturing off-piste, although increasing numbers of resorts and ski companies now offer their own apps – usually for free – that offer similar details.
The off-piste information is very detailed although this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t obtain the services of a guide if you’re skiing unknown terrain rather than relying entirely on an app; indeed, we’d go so far as to say it’s essential if you want to stay as safe as possible.