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Californian Resort Sets Record 7″ (17cm) Per Hour Snowfall Rate

The Palisades ski area by Lake Tahoe in California says it has set a new record for the most snowfall it has received in a 12 hour period, peaking at 7 inches (17cm) per hour.

In total the resort, which recently claimed the title of California’s biggest ski resort with 6,000 acres of terrain after a long-planned gondola connection  between its two bases finally opened, reported  32 inches (95cm) of snowfall in 24 hours across all elevations.

“We are buried. Our teams are currently digging us out, performing avalanche control, de-icing chairlifts, and restoring access roads. We are adding terrain as quickly and as safely as we can,” a resort statement explained, adding. “Speaking of safety, we really want YOU to stay safe today. It is ALL about friends on a powder day: Please do not ski or ride alone. Have a buddy with you and keep track of each other, maintaining visual contact. There will be unmarked obstacles and hazards buried under snow, so be aware of your surroundings, and off-piste, beware of tree wells.”

California has been hit by a series of huge storms over the past two months and resorts there are posting the deepest snow in the world at present. Mammoth Mountain is posting the deepest of all at 432cm (over 14 feet).

However the snowfall has arrived with gale force winds of up to 100mph and freezing rain at times which, along with the practical and safety issues all the ice and snow causes, has severely impacted operations at resorts in the region at times.

Photos Credit: Blake Kessler
  1. Robert

    3rd January 2023 12:04 pm

    No way, we are still in a drought.

  2. Sonja

    4th January 2023 8:24 am

    I love Squaw Valley aka Olympic Valley aka The Palisades (dumbest name). I used to live in Squaw Valley in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s one of the most beautiful places in America. I loved the snow and miss it so. The Valley is glorious in every season and should have been honored in renaming the area. Still don’t understand who decided to do that stupid name. Palisades sounds like an ocean boardwalk/junky carnival type place. To me and so many others who will continue to Honor and Remember the Indians Native Americans Indigenous Peoples who inhabited that beautiful part of Tahoe- it will forever be Squaw Valley!

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