Ski areas in Australia are reporting ever deeper snow accumulations as a major storm continues to impact the country’s resorts.

Perisher (pictured above today) most recently reported accumulations of 41cm (16 inches) after three days of snow fall, however it also notes, “Blizzard conditions with strong winds, snow fall & limited visibility will continue.”

The snowfall has now taken base depths at the resort, which currently has more terrain open than any other area on earth, to 1.3 metres – the first time base depths have gone through the metre mark in what had been a drier than usual winter in Australia up to now.

Many of Australia’s main ski areas are currently closed due to the pandemic, including all areas in the state of Victoria, however Perisher and Thredbo in New South Wales (which reports 35cm/14″ so far) are open.

The snowstorm is expected to continue into the weekend with total accumulations of 50-100cm (20-40 inches) forecast.